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List of Authors E-H

Ebb, Fred
Cabaret 19837

Edgar, David
Destiny 1986
Entertaining Strangers 1993 (Student Group)
Entertaining Strangers 2011 (Student Group)
Mary Barnes 1981
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby (adaption) 2003

Edmundson, Helen
The Mill on the Floss (adaption) 1999

Edwards, Gwynne
Dona Rosita The Spinster (translation) 1992 (Student Group)
The Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife (translation) 1992 (Student Group)
The Surgeon of Honour 1992

Eiler, Jim
Pinocchio (adaption) 1996

Eldridge, David
Festen 2008

Eliot, George
The Mill on the Floss 1999

Eliot, T S
Murder in the Cathedral 1981
Murder in the Cathedral (excerpt) 1954 (Student Group)
The Cocktail Party 1974
The Confidential Clerk 1965
The Family Reunion 1954
The Family Reunion 1977
The Wasteland (Director's Showcase) 1976

Ellis, A E
Seagull Rising (New Play) 1977

Elson, John
The Man of the Future is Dead 1987 (Rehearsed Reading)

Eltis, David
The Reward 1993

Elton, Ben
Popcorn 2002

Elyot, Kevin
Mouth to Mouth 2006
My Night with Reg 2000

Emmet, Alfred
Beasts of Tiresias, The (trans) 1974
By Further Request 1951
By Request (An Original Revue) 1949
Child of Light (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
Portrait of a Mother (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
Questors Revue, The 1939
Return, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Requiem to Posterity 1937
Three Sisters (translation) 1976
Venus and the Sheperdess 1934

Emmet, David
Faustus (translation) 1978
Mary Stuart (translation) 2013

Erdman, Nikolai
The Suicide 1996 (Student Group)

Erdos, David
Call Me The Sea 2022 (New Play (Disintegration)
Dare The Dark (New Play) (Overnight Plays) 2023
David's Covid 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)

Interview, The 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)
Moon Made Me, The 2022 (New Play)(Disintegration)
Radio Refuge 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)
Zoom In 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)

Esslin, Martin
Judgement Day 1994

Esslin, Renata
Judgement Day 1994

Hecabe 1966
Helen of Troy 2001
Iphigenia 1991
Medea 1980
The Bacchae 2002
The Trojan Women 1948
The Trojan Women 1969 (Student Group)
The Trojan Women (Directors' Showcase) 1976
The Trojan Women 1992
The Trojan Women 2007

Evans, Christine
Trojan Barbie 2013 (Student Group)

Evans, Fiona
Scarborough 2017

Evans, Francis
Boeing-Boeing 2016 (trans)

Eveling, Stanley
The Strong Case of Martin Richter 1972

Everac, Paul
A Few False Steps 1971

Fagels, Robert
The Oresteia (translation) 1981

Fainlight, Ruth
Antigone (translation) 2013

Farquhar, George
Beaux' Stratagem, The (Play Reading) 1937
Beaux' Stratagem, The 1949

Beaux' Stratagem, The 1967
Beaux' Stratagem, The 1994
Constant Couple, The 1980
Recruiting Officer, The 1975
Recruiting Officer, The 2004

Farr, David
Night of The Soul 2012

A Temptation Too Great 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)(New Play)

Fay, John
The Death of Joe Hill 1987

Fein, Elihu
The Three Legged Man (Rehearsed Reading) 1957

Feingold, Harry
No Company (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
One Far Off and Fine Event (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
Sisters Three (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival)1941
Sound and Fury (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1942
The Wooing of Wilhelmina (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Feingold, Michael
Happy End (translation) 1982

Fen, Elisaveta
The Proposal (translation) 1985

Fernald, C B
The Mask and the Face (Play Reading) 1935

Festenstein, Iris
Schreiner 1993

Feydeau, George
Ding! Dong! 1971
A Flea in Her Ear 1976
A Flea in Her Ear 2010
A Little Hotel on the Side 2001

Fielding. Henry
Tom Jones 1985
The Tragedy of Tragedies or Tom thumb (Rehearsed Reading) 1990

Fierstein, Harvey
Safe Sex (World Aid's Day) 1997
Torch Song Trilogy (Excerpt) 1995

Filippo, Eduardo de
Filumena 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1981 (Student Group)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 1992
Saturday, Sunday, Monday 2006 (Student Group)

Finbow, Colin
Night-Time for the Birds 1963 (Student Group)
The Things 1963 (New Play) (New Plays Festival)

Findlay, Bill
The House among the Stars (translation) 1994

Firth, Tim
Calendar Girls 2012
Flint Street Nativity, The 2011
Neville's Island 2023
Sheila's Island 2023

Fisch, Max
Biography 1995

Fisk, Dorothy
The Secondary Wife 1954 (New Play)

Fitzball, Edward
The Flying Dutchman 1967

Fitzgerald, Mark
Dracula - Fangs of Destiny 2013 (New Play)

Fitzpatrcick, Steve
Dispute, The (adaption) 2005
Fan, The (translation) 2001
Peer Gynt (translation) 2018
Story of Aesop, The 1987
Tartuffe 1987
Venus and Adonis (adaption) 2015
Wealth (adaption) 1986

Flannery, Peter
Burnt by the Sun 2016

Flaubert, Gustave
Madame Bovary: Breakfast with Emma 2009

Fleming, George
The Fantasticks (excerpt) 1941

The Knight of the Burning Pestle 1959

Fletcher, David
Choices 1983 (New Play)
Myths 1977
Pay Board, The 1977
Tongues of Fire 2000

Fletcher, Tim
Ariadne and The Monsters 2019

Fo, Dario
Accidental Death of an Anarchist 1998
Can't Pay! Won't Pay! 1986
Monologues 2004
The Virtuous Burglar 1993

Forbes, Hugh
Early Rising (New Play) (RR) 1955

Ford, John
Love's Sacrifice 1988
Tis Pity She's a Whore 2005

Forest, David
Entertaining Changes 1994

Forsyth, Bill
Gregory's Girl 1991

Forsyth, James
Brand (translation) 1964

Fowles, John
Martine (translation) 1996

Francis, Ben
Brain Drain (New Play)(Overnight Plays) 2023
Dragon and The Canary, The 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)
Hammer Horror (New Play)(Overnight Plays) 2022
It Was Funny The First Time 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)

On A Role 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)
The Boys From Wishbone Junction (New Play)(QExtra)

Fraser, B H
Midnight (Audio Drama)(New Play) 2021
This is it (New Play)(QExtra) 2023

Fraser, Kon
No Camels in Israel 1968 (New Play)
The Igloo 1965 (New Play)

Frayn, Michael
Alphabetical Order 1978
Benefactors 1988
Clouds 1981
Noises Off 1996
The Cherry Orchard (translation) 1985
Three Sisters (translation) 1997
Uncle Vanya (translation) 1994

Frechtman, Bernard
The Maids (translation) 1982
The Maids (translations) (Student Group) 2018

Freedman, Sylvia
The Queen of Spades and I 1990

Freeman, David
You're Gonna be Alright, Jamie Boy 1982

Frere, W H
The Birds (translation) 1936

Friel, Brian
Dancing at Lughnasa 1995
Faith Healer 1992
Molly Sweeney 2002
Translations 2001

Frisch, Max
Biography 1995
Don Juan or The Love of Geometry 1992
The Fire Raisers 1963

Frith, J Leslie
Invitation to a Voyage (translation) 1946
Martine (translation) 1944
The Sulky Fire (translation) 1989

Frost, Robert
A Celebration 2103

Froud, Nina
In Search of Happiness (translation) 1960 (Student Group)

Fry, Christopher
A Phoenix to Frequent 1956
A Phoenix to Frequent 1967 (Student Group)
Ring Round the Moon (translation) 1966 (Student Group)
Ring Round the Moon (translation) 1984
The Lady's not for Burning 1987
The Lark (translation) 1976
Thor, with Angels 1965 (Student Group)
Venus Observed 1979

Fryer, John
As Time Passes By 2016 (new Play)(Questival II)
The Diamond Ring 2017 (New Play)(Dark Monday)

Fugard, Athol
Dimetos 1981
Hello and Goodbye 1993

Fulton, Ian
Hemingway in Barcelona 2021 (Staged Reading)(New Play)
Nothing But Complete Oblivion 2021 (Audio Drama)(New Play)

Furth, George
Company 2007

Galantière, Lewis
Antigone (translation) 1963 (Student Group)

Gallagher, Richard
Blood Sports 2018 (Student Goup)
French Paste 2007

Aladdin and His Wonderful Lamp 2013

Galsworthy, John
Loyalties 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)
Windows (Play Reading) 1931

Garforth, John
Steadman: In the Mouth of the Lion 1986

Gariff, Tony
The Timekeeper (New Play) 1972

Garland, Patrick
Brief Lives (adapt) 1987

Garman, Theo
The Perfect Child (Unseen) 2005

Garing, Maurice
Jason and Medea 1940

Garland, Patrick
Brief Lives (adaption) 1987

Garnett, Constance
On the High Road (excerpt) 1956 (Student Group)
The Bear (translation) 1950
The Cherry Orchard (translation) 1943
The Proposal (translation) (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
The Proposal (translation) 1944
The Proposal (translation) 1954
The Seagull (translation) 1947
The Wedding (translation) 1957
The Wedding (translation) 1964
Three Sisters (translation) 1960
Uncle Vanya (translation) 1941

Garrick, David
Miss in her Teens 1973 (Student Group)
The Clandestine Marriage 2005

Gaskell, Mrs
Cranford 1947 (Student Group)

Gaunt, Richard
A Collier's Tuesday Tea 2004
The Cherry Sisters 1985
The Cherry Sisters 2004

The Nutty Slack Spectacular 1973 (New Play)

Gay, John
The Beggars' Opera 1960
The Beggars' Opera 1979

Gelbert, Larry
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum 2007

Gelman, Alexander
A Man with Connections 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Gems, Pam
Dusa, Fish, Stas and Vi 1979

Genet, Jean
Death Watch 1986
The Balcony 2000
The Balcony 2014 (Student Group)
The Maids 1965
The Maids 1982
The Maids 1994
The Maids 2002
The Maids 2018 (Student Group)

George, Millicent
The Pastoral Symphony (translation) 1948

Gethings, Ned
Looking Glass, Looking Glass 1962 (Student Group)
The Pharoah Cassidy 1960 (New Plays Festival)
Strange Echoes (New Play) (RR) 1954
The Swan 1955 (Student Group)
Tinkers' Idyll 1953 (New Play)(Student Group)

Ghelderode, Michel de
Christopher Columbus 1960
Escurial 1974
The Grand Vizier 1974
The Late 1974

Gheon, Henri
Christmas in the Market Place 1950

Gibbs, Margaret
Storm in a Paint Pot 1953 (Student Group)

Gibson, Harry
Trainspotting 2000

Gibson, Wilfrid
The Betrothed 1933

Gide, Andre
The Pastoral Symphony 1948

Gilbert, W S
An Evening with Gilbert and Sullivan 1975
Engaged 2013

Gillette, William
Sherlock Holmes (adaption) 1984

Ginsbury, Norman
Ghosts (translation) 1961

Girdaudoux, Jean
The Madwoman of Chaillot 1968 (Student Group)

Glaspell, Susan
Trifles 1976

Glassco, Bill
Albertine, in Five Times (translation) 1987
Bonjour La, Bonjour (translation) 1982
Sisters (translation) 1982
Tremblay (translations) 1983

Glaze, Emily
Mute (New Play)(Festival of New Theatre) 2022

Glazer, Benjamin F
A Matter of Husbands (trans) (Annual Drama Festival) 1941

Godber, John
Bouncers 2003
Happy Families 1991
September in the Rain 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)

Teechers 2012 (Student Group)

Godman, Keith
Part of an Evening 1977

Godwin, Richard
The Cure-All 2005

Faustus 1978

Goetz, Ruth & Augustus
Heiress, The 2018

Gogol, Nikolai
Gamblers 1995 (Student Group)
Marriage 1973 (Student Group)
Marriage 1995 (Student Group)
The Government Inspector 1957
The Government Inspector 2001 (Student Group)

Goldman, James
The Lion in Winter 1996

Goldoni, Carlo
A Servant to Two Master 2008
I Pettegolezzi Delle Donne 1979
Mirandolina 1995
Monsieur Geronte 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Fan 2001
The Venetian Twins 1999

Goldsby, Angela
Let's Get a Divorce (translation) 1965

Goldsby, Robert
Let's Get a Divorce (translation) 1965

Goldsmith, Oliver
She Stoops to Conquer 1940
She Stoops to Conquer 1956
She Stoops to Conquer 1974
She Stoops to Conquer 1997
She Stoops to Conquer 2015

Gombrowicz, Witold
Princess Ivona 1984

Gooch, Steve
Female Transport 1977
Female Transport 1992
It's All for the Best 1979
Man is Man (translation) 1977
The Mother (translation) 1993

Goodall, Howard
The Hired Man 1988

Goodrich, Frances
The Diary of Anne Frank 1959 (Student Group)

Goodwin, Ernest
The Devil Among the Skins (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Gordon-Clark, Robert
Catch The 2019 (Overnight Plays)
Cinderloo 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)
Intervew, The 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)
Love Story 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)
Mid Floor 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)

Gorky, Maxim
Philistines 1988 (Student Group)
Summerfolk 2004 (Student Group)

Goss, Bernard
The Fantastic Fairground 1984

Gould, Peter
Betrayal 2020 (QExtra)(New Play)
Blue Eyes 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)
Coming Round (New Play)(QExtra)
Divine Intervention 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)

Intruder, The 2021 (Audio Drama)(New Play)

Gow, Ronald
Love on the Dole (Extract) (Annual Drama Festival) 1942
Love on the Dole (Extract) 1982

Graczyk, Ed
Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean 1998

Grahame, Kenneth
The Wind in the Willows 2000
Toad of Toad Hall 1977

Graham-Lujan, James
The House of Bernarda Alba (translation) 1972 (Student Group)
The House of Bernarda Alba (translation) 1988

Grant, Oenone
Journey 1979 (Student Group)
Triangles 1979 (Student Group)

Grantham, Wilfrid
The Sixth Hour (Annual Drama Festival) 1942

Granville-Barker, Harley
Christmas Present, A (translatioin) 1933
Dr Knock (translation) 1934
Fortunato (excerpt) (translation) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
Madras House, The 1988 (Rehearsed Reading)
Rococo (Rehearsed Reading) 1988
Romantic Young Lady, The (translation) 1932
Vote by Ballot (Rehearsed Reading)1988
Women have Their Way, The (translation) 1951 (Student Group)

Grass, Gunther
Onkel Onkel 1969

Gray, Nicholas Stuart
Beauty and the Beast 1990

Gray, Simon
Butley 1980
Otherwise Engaged 2009
Quartermaine's Terms 1998

Green, Michael
A Collier's Tuesday Tea 2004
All's Well That Ends As You Like It 2012
Henry The Tenth (Part Seven) 2012
Julius and Cleopatra 2012
Late of this Theatre 1966 (New Plays Festival)
Nebuchasiah the Second 1991
Oedocles - The King of Thebes 1996
Pop 1964 (New Plays Festival)
Steam 1971
Steam 1972
Streuth 2004
The Cherry Sisters 1985
The Cherry Sisters 2004
The Real Death of Sherlock Holmes 1989
Trapped 1996

Green, Tony
Permanent Damage 1996

Greenburger, Sanford T
The Witch (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Greene, Graham
The Living Room 1961
Travels with my Aunt 1996

Greenspan, David
Jack (World Aid's Day) 1997

Greenwood, Walter
Love on the Dole (excerpt) (Annual Drama Festival)1942
Love on the Dole (excerpt) 1982

Greer, Herb
Kill! Kill! 1967 (New Play)

Gregory, Lady
Gaol Gate 1976
The Full Moon 1958 (Student Group)

Grey, David
The Best People 1929
The Best People 1989 Rehearsed Reading)

Grieg, David
The Letter of Last Resort 2021

Griffith-Jones, Krystana
Princess Ivona 1984 (Translation)

Griffiths, Trevor
Comedians 2006
Occupations 1975

Grillo, Laura
The Pact (New Play)(Powerplay 2) 2022

Grimm, The Brothers
Grimm Tales 1997
Grimm Tales 2016 (Youth Theatre)
The Four Friends 2005

Grimsey, Geoffrey
The Cave of Salamanca (translation) 1956 (Student Group)

Grose, Carl
Scorched 1996

Gross, Alexander
Hercules and the Augean Stables (translation) 1966

Grundy, Sydney
A Pair of Spectacles 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)

Guitry, Sacha
Villa for Sale (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Villa for Sale (Club Evening) 1940

Gupta, Tanika
Doll's House, A (after Henrik Ibsen)

Gurney Jr, A R
The Problem 1985 (Directors' Showcase)

Hackett, Albert
The Diary of Anne Frank 1959 (Student Group)

Haines, John Thomas
My Poll and My Partner Joe 1966

Hajac, Emile de
Let's Get a Divorce 1965

Hale, Lionel
She Passed Through Lorraine (Play Reading) 1935

Hall, Jonathan
Scenes from a Fair 2005

Hall, Lee
A Servant to Two Master (translation) 2008

Hall, Peter
Animal Farm (adaption) 1987
Animal Farm (adaption) 2018 (QYT)

Hall, Willis
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 1981 (Student Group)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 1992

Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 2006 (Student Group)

Hamel-Cooke, Chris
The Fantastic Fairground (music) 1984

Hamilton, Cicely
Diana of Dobson's 2017

Hamilton, Patrick
Rope 2014

Hamilton, R D
Possessions 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

Hammond, Lempriere
Fire from Heaven (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945

Hampton, Christopher
An Enemy of the People (translation) 2006
Conversations after a Burial (translation) 2006
Don Juan (translation) 1976
Don Juan (translation) 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Don Juan Comes Back from the War (translation) 1984
Faith, Hope and Charity 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
God of Carnage (translation) 2021
Hedda Gabler (translation) 2002
Les Liaisons Dangereuses 1995
Les Liaisons Dangereuses 2009
The Philanthropist 1984
Total Eclipse 1976
Treats 1982

Handke, Peter
Offending the Audience 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Self-Accusation 1975 (Director's Showcase)
The Ride Across Lake Constance 1978

Hands, Terry
The Balcony (translation) 2000
The Balcony (translation) 2014 (Student Group)

Slow Dance on the Killing Ground 1973

Harburg, E Y
The Wizard of Oz (music) 2008

Hardy, Thomas
Far From the Madding Crowd 2009 (Student Group)

Tess of the D'Urbervilles 2018

Hare, David
Amy's View 2001
The Bay at Nice 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)
Knuckle 1985
Plenty 1990
Skylight 1999
Slag 1974
The Secret Rapture 1991

Harling, Robert
Steel Magnolias 2003

Harper, Lauren
Flight of the Canaries (New Play)(QExtra)
So Tired 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)

Harrington, W W
Usual Channels (New Play) (RR) 1954

Harris, Richard
West 5 Story 2014

Harris, Zinnie
Further than the Furthest Thing 2009

Harrison, Rita
Leap in the Dark (New Play) (Rehearsed Reading) 1953

Harrison, Tony
The Misanthrope (translation) 1980

Harrower, David
Knives in Hens 2008
The Chrysalids (adaption) 2003

Harry, Judith
The House Warming 1980

Hart, Moss
The Man who Came to Dinner 1987 (Student Group)
The Man who Came to Dinner 2011 (Student Group)
You Can't Take it With you 1952
You Can't Take it With You 1993 (Student Group)
You Can't Take it With You 2003

Hart, Ron
Ringback 2004

Harvey, Jonathan
Beautiful Thing 2016

Harwood, H M
Mask, The (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Harwood, Ronald
Dresser, The 1998
Taking Sides 2018

Hatton, Charles
The Shed 1965 (New Plays Festival)

Hauger, George
Christopher Columbus (translation) 1960

Havel, Vaclav
Audience 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Private View 1982 (Director's Showcase)
Protest 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Temptation 1992
The Memorandum 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
Unveiling 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Havergal, Giles
Travels with My Aunt (adaption) 1996

Hawdon, Robin
Don't Dress for Dinner (trans) 2016

Hayes, Catherine
Skirmishes 1988

Hayton, Richard
Neon Gravy 1992

Hazlewood, J M
Lady Audley's Secret 1961

Healy, Mark
Far From the Madding Crowd (adaption) 2009 (Student Group)

Hearne, John
The Golden Savage 1966 (New Plays Festival)

Hecht, Ben
The Front Page 1988

Hemar, Marian
Poor Man's Miracle 1951 (New Play)

Hepburn, James
Circuses 1975 (New Play)
Men and Woman 1985 (Directors' Showcase)
MoonshiPt 1977
Poor Dumb Animals 1971 (New Play)
Time, Life,Sex and You Know What (New Play) 1972

Herbert, A P
Two Gentlemen of Soho 1930

Hering, Henry A
Hunt the Tiger (Annual Drama Festival) 1937

Herman, Henry
The Silver King 1965

Herman, Mark
Brassed Off (2012)

Herst, B F
State of the Art 1988

Highsmith, Patricia
The Talented Mr Ripley 2011

Hill, Lucienne
Thieves' Carnival 1953
Waltz of the Toreadors (translation) 1979

Hillman, Barry K
The Amazing Dancing Bear 1981

Hines, Robert
A B C 1979 (Student Group)

Hingley, Ronald
The Cherry Orchard (translation) 1965

Uncle Vanya (translation) 1968

Hoffman, William
As Is (World Aid's Day) 1997

Hofmannsthal, Hugo van
Everyman 1936

Hollingworth, John
Multitudes 2018

Holloway, Jonathan
The Railway Sidings 2012

Holman, Robert
Being Friends 1988
Lost 1988
Making Noise Quietly 1988

Hopkins, John
This Story of Yours 1981

Hopwood, Avery
The Best People 1929
The Best People 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)

Horujy, Kathleen Cook
The Bedbug (translation) 1988

Horvath, Odon von
Cold Times 1986
Don Juan Comes Back from the War 1984
Faith, Hope and Charity 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Figaro Gets a Divorce 1990
Judgement Day 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
Judgement Day 1994

Horwood, John
Gamblers (adaption) 1995 (Student Group)
Marriage (adaption) 1995 (Student Group)
Rook (A Comic Nightmare) 1991

Houghton, Stanley
Hindle Wakes 1964
Hindle Wakes 1994 (Student Group)

Hovatter, David
Bard in the Yard 2020
Darkness 2019 (Overnight Plays)

Dog and The Scarf, The 2019
Enchanted Knight, The 2004
Evolution of Esther, The 2004
Gerard Ascending 1997

Gerard's Blood 1999
Grex...a great expectation 1998
Imitation The 1996
Knopped up by Naughty Helen (adaption) 2008
Lindy-Anna Jones and the Fist of Doom
(New Play) (Overnight Plays) 2023
Little Dorrit 2023
Marvellous Land of Oz, The (adaption) 2009
Moby Dick (adaption) 1995
Once Upon a Time in West Ealing 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)
Room IV 1993
Star Chores: A New Leaf (New Play)(Overnight Plays) 2022
Torch Girl 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)

Howard, David
Rejoice 1992

Howarth, Riana
Struck by Lightning (New Play) (Overnight Plays) 2023

Hsiung, S I
Lady of Precious Stream (Play Reading) 1948
The Romance of the Western Chamber (translation) 1940
The Romance of the Western Chamber (translation) 1944

Hughes, Dusty
Futurists 1988
Philistines (adaption) 1988 (Student Group)

Hughes, Richard
A Man Born to be Hanged (Annual Drama Festival) 1938
Danger (Annual Drama Festival) 1937

Hughs, Ted
Oedipus (translation) 1971

Hummer, Maria
Mind 2019 (Overnight Plays)

Hutchins, Barbara
An Italian Straw Hat (translation) 1966
By Further Request 1951
By Request (An Original Revue) 1949
Portrait of a Mother (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
Questrionics 1959
The Beggars' Opera (adaption) 1960

Hutchinson, David
The Stars in the Evening Sky 2003 (Rehearsed Reading)

Hutchinson, Erik
But now I am Returned (New Play) 1945
By Further Request 1951

Huxley, Aldous
Brave New World 2009

Hyams, Roy
Carrying On 2001