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List of Authors A-B

Abbott, Brian
Bird on the Wire (New Play) 2017
No Fairy Tale 1997 (Rehearsed Reading)

No Fairy Tale 2014
The Gospel According to Judas 2002

Abe, Kobo
Friends 1975

Abelman. Paul
Tests 1976

Abse, Dannie
Funland 1975 (New Play)
Gone 1962 (New Play)
Gone 1983
Is the House Shut? (New Play) 1964
The Dogs of Pavlov 1969 (New Play)
The House of Cowards 1960 (NPF1)
The Joker 1962 (New Play)
Three Masks of "O" 1997

Ackland, Rodney
Absolute Hell 2001
After October 2012
Crime and Punishment (adaption) 1979 (Student Group)
Dark River, The (New Play) 1943
Diary of a Scoundrel (adaption) (New Play) 1946
Old Ladies, The (excerpt) (adaption) (Annual Drama Festival) 1946
Other Palace, The 1964
Stranger in This City, A (Play Reading) 1952
Too Clever by Half (translation) 1992

Adamov, Arthur
Professor Taranne 1960

Agamemnon 1986
Prometheus Bound 1977
The Oresteia 1981

Aiken, Joan
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase 2015

Akutagawa, Ryunosuke
Rashomon 1982

Albee, Edward
A Delicate Balance 1971
All Over 1975
The American Dream 1974 (Student Group)
Three Tall Women 2001
Who's Afaid of Virginia Woolf 1969
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf 2002
Zoo Story 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)

Alcott, Louis M
Little Women 1997

Alexander, Tania
The Seagull (translation) 2008

Aley-Parker, Lucy
Pearls 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)
Powerplay 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)

Alldridge, Duncan
There'll Always be a Brentford 2006

Allen, Paul
Brassed Off (2012)

Allen, Jay Presson
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (adaption) 1996

Anderson, Andy
Spiders 2022 (New Play)(Powerplay 2)

Anderson, Hans Christian
The Snow Queen 2001

Andres, Stefan
The Bridge 1966 (Rehearsed Reading)

Andrews, Sarah
Triangles 1979 (Student Group)

Angelis, April de
Playhouse Creatures 2002

Fratricide Punished 1955
Maria Marten or The Murder in the Red Barn 1958
Maria Marten or The Murder in the Red Barn 1986
The Red-Nosed Burglar 1970
The Romance of the Western Chamber 1940
The Romance of the Western Chamber 1944
The Wakefield Cycle (The Resurrection) 1970
TheWakefield Cycle (The Shepherd's Play) 1936
Titus Andronicus, The Tragedy of 1957

Anouilh, Jean
Antigone 1963 (Student Group)
Antigone 2002
Beckett (Director's Showcase) 1966
Dinner with the Family 1999 (Student Group)
Eurydice 1958
Ring Round the Moon 1966 (Student Group)
Ring Round the Moon 1984
Lark, The 1976
Orchestra, The 1980 (Student Group)
Orchestra, The 1988 (Student Group)
Rehearsal, The 1997
Rehearsal, The 2023
Thieves' Carnival 1953
Traveller without Luggage 1962
Waltz of the Toreadors, The 1979

The Beasts of Tiresias 1974

Arbuzov, Alekei
The Promise 1973

Archer, William
A Doll's House (translation) 1945

Arden, John
Live Like Pigs 1999 (Student Group)
Sergeant Musgrave's Dance 1961
The Happy Haven 1972

Ardey, Robert
Thunder Rock 1946

Lysistrata 1962
Lysistrata 1973
Lysistrata 1982 (Student Group)
Lysistrata 2005 (Student Group)
The Assembly Women 1986 (Student Group)
The Birds 1936
Wealth 1986

Arlen, Harold
The Wizard of Oz (music) 2008

Armstrong, M S
Drought (Annual Drama Festival)1946

Aron, Geraldine
The Donahue Sisters 2006

Arrabal, Fernando
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria 1974

Arrigoni, Chiara
Two Cleaners

Artaud, Antonin
The Cenci 1974

Ashby, Paul
At Home with the Macbeths 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)
Looking Glass 1992

Ashman, Howard
Little Shop of Horrors 2005
Beauty and the Beast 2010

Aubrey, John
Brief Lives 1987

Auden, W H
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Translation) 1988
The Caucasian Chalk Circle (Translation) 2000

Audiberti, Jacques
Quoat-Quoat 1965

Austen, Jane
Lady Susan 1987
Lady Susan 2017
Miss Elizaeth Bennett 1950 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice 1976 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice 1989 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice 2020

Austin, Paul Britten
A Painting on Wood (translation) 1963 (Student Group)

Ayckbourn, Alan
A Chorus of Disapproval 1994
A Talk in the Park 1981 (Student Group)
Absent Friends 2002
Absent Friends 2018
Absurd Person Singular 1977
Absurd Person Singular 2012
Bedroom Farce 1985
Bedroom Farce 2008
Between Mouthfuls 1979 (Student Group)
Countdown 1981 (showcase)
Ernie's Incredible Illucinations 2003
Gosforth's Fete 1979 (Student Group)
Haunting Julia 2022
House and Garden 2013
Improbable Fiction 2016
Just Between Ourselves 1982
Mother Figure 1979 (Student Group)
Mother Figure 1991 (Showcase)
Relatively Speaking 1973
Season's Greetings 1998
Season's Greetings 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Season's Greetings 2017
Sisterly Feelings 1991
Taking Steps 1988
The Norman Conquests: Living Together 1986
The Norman Conquests: Round and Round Again 1986
The Norman Conquests: Table Manners 1986

The Revengers' Comedies 1996
Time and Time Again 2007
Woman in Mind 2000

Aymé, Marcel
Clérambard 1953

Azama, Michel
Crossfire 1996

Baczkiewicz, Sebastian
A Labyrinth of Iron 2007
Any Other Wednesday 2004
Fowler's Gift 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)
Harry 1985 (New Play)
Hello Paris 1990 (New Play)
Noah's Point 2007
Shoeshop 1980 (New Play)
The Man who Shot the Tiger 1987
The Publicist's Tale 2004
The Whirler 1982 (New Play)

Bagnold, Enid
The Chalk Garden 1998

Balderstone, J L
Dracula 1974

Ballinger, Maurice
Tell Me, Moon (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945

Bardsley, Julia
Frankenstein (adaption) 1997

Baring, Maurice
Catherine Parr (Annual Drama Festival) 1935
The Drawback (Annual Drama Festival) 1934
The Fatal Rubber (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Jason and Medea (Annual Drama Festival) 1940

Barker, Howard
Fair Slaughter 1995

Barlow, Patrick
Thirty-Nine Steps, The 2019

Barnes, Peter
Leonardo's Last Supper 1983
Leonardo's Last Supper 1982 (Director's Showcase)

Barrett, Pete
I Am The Walrus 2014 (New Play)

Barrie, J M
Dear Brutus 2021
Peter Pan 2006

The Twelve-Pound Look 1975 (Director's Showcase)

Barron, John
Bats in the Attic (New Play)(QExtra) 2023
Hilarious (New Play)(QExtra) 2023

Bart, Lionel
Oliver! 2005

Bartlett, Basil
Asmodée (translation) 1951

Bartlett, Mike
Albion 2023
Bull 2021

Contractions 2010

Contractions 2021
King Charles III 2019

Barton, Harry
A Borderline Case 1974 (New Play)

Barton, John
La Ronde (adaption) 1992
Iphigenia (adaption) 1991
The Hollow Crown 1986

Batchelor, Daisy
Sunday Lunch 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)

Baum, L Frank
The Marvellous Land of Oz 2009
The Wizard of Oz 2008

Bax, Clifford
Prelude and Fugue 1933
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1937
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Prelude and Fugue (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
The Cloak (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
The Quaker's Cello (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Baxter, Gordon
Jack's Last Stand 1988 (Rehearsed Reading)

Bean, Richard
London Assurance (adapt) 2014

The Barber of Seville 1990
The Marriage of Figaro 1990

The Knight of the Burning Pestle 1959

Beckett, Samuel
Act Without Words No 1 1974
Act Without Words No 2 1974
Come and Go 1974
Endgame 1982
Endgame 2017
Footfalls 2000
Happy Days 1969
Happy Days 2002
Krapp's Last Tape 1962 (Director's Showcase)
Krapp's Last Tape 1974
Krapp's Last Tape 2018
Not I 2000
Ohio Impormptu 2000
Old Tune, The (translation) 1966 (Director's Showcase)
Piece of Monologue, A 2000
Play 1969
Play 1974
Rockaby 2018
Waiting For Godot 1961
Waiting For Godot 1973
Waiting For Godot 1990
Waiting for Godot 2007

Behan, Brendan
The Hostage 1980

Behn, Aphra
The Town-Fop 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Rover 2010

Belane, Dr Belajthy
Fact and Fiction (translation) 1981

Belloli, Jack
The Zebra Did It 2007

Benavente, Jacinto
The Magic of an Hour 1933

Benedetti, Jean
The Architect and the Emperor of Assyria (translation) 1974

Bennett, Alan
Forty Years On 1981
Habeas Corpus 1983
Habeas Corpus 2005
The Lady in the Van 2007
The Madness of George III 2002
The Wind in the Willows (adaption) 2000

Bentley, Eric
Cavelleria Rusticana (translation) 1957 (Student Group)
Good Woman of Setzuan, The (translation) 1974
Mother Courage and Her Children (translation) 1967
These Cornfields (translation) 1963 (Student Group)

Beresford, Stephen
The Last of the Haussmans 2017

Bergman, Peter
The Difference (Colloquialisms) 1964

Bergman, Ingmar
A Painting on Wood 1963 (Student Group)

Berkoff, Steven
Agamemnon 1986 (Student Group)
Decadence 1993
Greek 2012
Kvetch 2010
Metamorphosis (adaption) 1996
The Fall of the House of Usher (adaption) 1988
The Trial (adaption) 1985 (Student Group)

Bermange, Barry
Nathan and Tabileth (New Play)(Experiment) 1964
No Quarter 1964

No Quarter 1979

Bermel, Albert
One Leg over the Wrong Wall (New Play) 1964
The Workout 1963 (New Play)

Bernard, Jean-Jacques
Invitation to a Voyage 1946
Martine 1944
Martine 1996
The Sulky Fire 1989

Berney, William
Dark of the Moon 1964 (Student Group)

Berry, Arthur
The Laughing Willow 1968 (New Play)

Bethel, Nicholas
Enchanted Night (trans)(Late Night) 2017
Out at Sea (translation) 1967

Tango (translation) 1969
The Martyrdom of Peter Ohey (translation) 1988
The Party (translation) 1982
Vatslav (translation) 1978

Betti, Ugo
Struggle Till Dawn 1964

Bird, Tony
The Superfluous Man 1985 (Rehearsed Reading)

Black, Kitty
Crime Passionel (translation) 1953

Black, Michael
Pure Walking Evil 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Blackwell, Douglas
All Good Children (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Blackwell, Vera
Audience (Translator) 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Protest (Translator) 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Unveiling (Translator) 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)

Blackwood, Algernon
The Decoy (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Blank, Jessica
The Exonerated 2016

Bleakley, Caroline
Tess of the D'Urbevilles 2018

Bogdanov, Michael
The Canterbury Tales (adaption) 1999

Bolt, Ranjit
The Miser (translation) 2013
Mirandolina (translation) 1995
The Sisterhood (translation) 1994 (Student Group)
The Venetian Twins (translation) 1999

Bolt, Robert
Man for All Seasons, A 1979
Thwarting of Baron Bolligrew, The 1978

Bond, Denis
The Fantastic Fairground (lyrics) 1984

Bond, Edward
Early Morning 2004
Have I None 2013 (Showcase)
Lear 1976
Lear 1990 (Student Group)
Narrow Road to the Deep North 1972
Summer 1999
The Gift of Friendship 1980
The Sea 1977 (Student Group)
The Sea 1985

Boonen, Johan
De Brokken 1979

Bottomley, Gordon
A Parting (Annual Drama Festival)1947
Gruach 1932
Gruach (Play Reading) 1934
The Bower of Wendel 1943
The Women from the Voe 1953 (Student Group)

Boucicault, Don
London Assurance 1989
London Assurance 2014
The Colleen Bawn 1975
The Shaughraun 1968

Bovell, Andrew
When The Rain Stops Falling 2017
Things I Know To Be True 2020

Bowden, Ronald
The Last Analysis 1974 (New Play)

Bowen, Harold
SS Tenacity (translation) 1956

Bowen, John
After the Rain 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Disorderly Women 1970 (Student Group)
The Fall and Redemption of Man 1970
The Waiting Room 1975 (Director's Showcase)

Bowen, Marjorie
A Family Comedy 1953 (Student Group)

Bowman, Martin
The House Among the Stars (translation) 1994

Box, Sydney
Marry-Go-Round (Annual Drama Festival) 1938
Marry-Go-Round (Club Evening) 1940

Boyle, Alison
Fireman Sam "Ready for Action" 1998

Bragg, Melvyn
The Hired Man 1988

Bray, Barbara
Musica, La 1966 (Director's Showcase)
Suzanna Andler (translation) 1976

Brecht, Bertholt
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich 1989 (Student Group)
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich 2003 (Student Group)
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich 2015 (Student Group)
Happy End 1982
Herr Puntilla and his Man Matti 1973
Lux in Tenebris 1986 (Student Group)
Man is Man 1977
Mother Courage and Her Children 1989
Mother Courage and Her Children 1967
The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1969 (Student Group)
The Caucasian Chalk Circle 1988
The Caucasian Chalk Circle 2000
The Caucasian Chalk Circle 2008 (Student Group)
The Good Woman of Setzuan 1974
The Good Woman of Setzuan 1985 (Student Group)
The Good Person of Szechwan 2005 (Student Group)
The Mother 1993
The Respectable Wedding 1982 (Student Group)
The Threepenny Opera 1992

Breeze, Tony
My Brother's Keeper 2002 (Rehearsed Reading)

Brenton, Howard
Bloody Poetry 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)
Bloody Poetry 2007

The Saliva Milkshake 2015 (Directors' Showcase)

Brett, Simon
The Nutty Slack Spectacular 1973 (New Play)

Bridie, James
Black Eye, The (Play Reading) 1939
Jonah and the Whale 1942
Mr Bolfry 1947
Sleeping Clergyman, A (Play Reading) 1936
Switchback, The (Play Reading) 1940
Tobias and the Angel (Play Reading) 1938

Maternity 2004 (Rehearsed Reading)

Briggs, Stephen
Guards! Guards! (adaption) 2006
Mort (adaption) 1998

Brighouse, Harold
Hobson's Choice 1973 (Student Group)
Hobson's Choice (extract) 1982
Hobson's Choice 1989
Hobson's Choice 2011
Lonesome Like (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
Lonesome-Like 1973 (Student Group)

Brook, Lyndon
Score 1981 (Showcase)

Brooke, Jeremy
Herr Puntilla and His Man Mutti (adapt) 1973

Brooke, Rupert
Lithuania 1964 (Student Group)

Brown, Antony
Paradise Street 1950 (New Play)
The Courtyard 1961 (New Play)(New Plays Festival)

Brown, Ben
Larkin with Women 2017

Brown, Peter
Phormio (translation) 2007 (Rehearsed Reading)

Büchner, Georg
Woyzek 1989

Buffini, Moira
Dinner 2008
Loveplay (Student Group)

Buhler, Cyril
Watch on the Works (adapt) 1973 (New Play)

Bulgakov, Mikhail
The Crimson Island 1982

Bullore, Amelia
Di and Vi and Rose 2019

Bullock, Michael
Biography (translation) 1995
Don Juan or The Love of Geometry (translation) 1992
Fire Raisers, The (translation) 1963
Three Honourable Gentlemen, The (translation) 1955

Burek, John van
Albertine, in Five Times (translation) 1987
Bonjour La, Bonjour (translation) 1982
The House Among The Stars (translation) 1994
Sisters (translation) 1982

Burgess, Anthony
A Clockwork Orange 2001

Burnard, Elaine
Ben 1975 (Directors' Showcase)

Burnham, Barbara
Children in Uniform (translation) 1946

Burns, Sam
The House Among the Stars (adaption) 1994

Burton, Mark
Free Association 2003 (Rehearsed Reading)

Busch, Wilhelm
Knopped up by Naughty Helen 2008

Butler, Michael
The Garden Room 1988 (Rehearsed Reading)

Butterworth, Jez
Mojo 2018
Parlour Song 2012

Winterling, The 2011

Buxton, Kevin
Wild Spirits 1978 (Director's showcase)

Byrd, Liz
Seeing You Will Make Me Sad 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)