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by Bertholt Brecht
translated by Steve Gooch

The Questors Studio
1993 November

Directed by Simon Thomas
Musical Direction by Martin Seager
Designed by Cullen Henshaw
Lighting by Jan Philpot
Sound by Dave Goodwin
Costumes by Tanya Kidby



Paul Botley, Julia Cook, Siobhan Flynn, James Goodden, Anthony Griffith, Judy Lane, Declan Mchugh, Christopher Nason, Anne O'brien, Mark Redrup, Anne Renn, Anne Sawbridge, Paul Vincent, David Wheatley

Production Team:
Sue Anslow, Helen Ball, Kelly Bucher, Robert Cooper, Helen Cullshaw, Mark Fitzgerald, Katy Gallantry, Dave Goodwin, Cullen Henshaw, Mary-jo Rosalba, Lindsay Kelly, Peter Kendrick, Tanya Kidby, Irma Kocheleva, Richard Murphy, Roz Palmer, Jan Philpot, Martin Seager, Simon Thomas, Clare Whiteley