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by Goethe, translated by David Emmet
with music by Christopher H Lee

The Questors Studio
July 1978

Directed by David Emmet
Designed by Jacqueline de Souza
Lighting by Mike Cuppage
Sound by Liz Chisholm


Alan Chisholm, Christine Cumin, Val Fitzpatrick, Larry Irvin, Monyene Kane, Vivien Kerr, Mike Langridge, Paul Messing, David Morris, Tom Pritchard, Miles Rendle, Bill Wall

Production Team:
Bron Beckford, Liz Chisholm, Mike Cuppage, Joan Curry, David Emmet, Mike Garcia, Christopher H Lee, Brian Pickles, Carol Pritchard, Sue Sotheran, Jacqueline De Souza, John Stacey