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by Anton Chekhov, translated by
Michael Frayn

The Questors Playhouse
Juine 1985

Directed by Tony Rushforth
Musical Direction by Don Kincaid
Designed by Nigel Cowell
Lighting by Malcolm Robertson
Sound by Brian McLoughlin
Costumes by Linda Gowland, Barbara Hutchins



Sarah Andrews, Jeremy Bentham, Dorothy Boyd-taylor, Phillip Clayton-gore, Mary Davis, Giles Emerson, Alfred Emmet, David Emmet, Clare Fairley, Mary Hodlin, Robin Ingram, Judith Jones, Mari King, Ruth Lister, John Paterson, Vivienne Patterson, David Pearson, Colin Pronger, Martin Stoner, Anthony Thomas, Sheila Tiffany, Geoff Webb, Geoff Webb, Norman Wilkinson

Andrew Brixey, Gwenan Evans, Andrew Humphries, Doreen Humphries, Jan Humphries, John Humphries, Sally Telling

Production Team:
Sarah Andrews, Bron Beckford, Rona Christie, Nigel Cowell, Grace Craddock, Julie Cruttenden, Jean Derby, Philippa Forster, Linda Gowland, Tim Hayward, Barbara Hutchins, Jean Lane, Brian McLoughlan, Carol Metcalfe, Iris Phelps, Phil Pinkham, Malcolm Robertson, Tony Rushforth, Harriet Simon, David Stone, Judy Sturley, Nikki Tait, Simon Trueick, Lindsay Udell, Sylvia Wall, Annie Williams, Dorothy Wood