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by Michel Tremblay, tranlsated by
John Van Burek &
Bill Glassco
with original music composed & played by Michael Carver

The Questors Playhouse
February 1982

Directed by Spencer Butler
Designed by Spencer Butler
Lighting by Alan N Smith
Sound by Alan N Smith
Costumes by Diana Lloyd



Cast: Jo Arundel, Cecily Blyther, Jean Caleb, Maggie Davidson, Suzanne Gregerson, Margaret Halberstadt, Sandra Healy, Jenny Hicks, Ruth Lister, Carol Metcalfe, Rosemary Parry-jones, Judith Rosser, Kay Scrivener, Sheila Tiffany, Catherine Wallace

Musician: Michael Carver

Production Team: Doug Arundel, Spencer Butler, Bob Charles, Stephanie Clayton, Sue Crowson, Neville Gillett, Crusty Grierson, Colin Horne, Sally Howe, Lisa Lawrence-Jones, Diana Lloyd, Gordon Miller, Alan N Smith, Anne O'Brien, Steve Shedlock, Angela Taylor, Keith Taylor, Simon Taylor, Jackie Todd