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by Nicholas Stuart Gray

Music by Suzanne Munro

The Questors Playhouse
December 1990

Directed by Maggie Wilkinson
Designed by Phil Pinkham
Lighting by Jason Cresswell
Sound by Richard Hetherington
Costumes by Anne Townley



Rhena Amyotte, Glyn Backshall, Eddie Duff, Deborah Eckman, Robert Goldsbrough, Phillip Sheahan, Ben Tayler, Letitia Thornton, Mairi Wilson

Production Team:
Mary Anderson, Mary Angus, Paige Bell, Stephen Bennett, Kim Berley Lancaster, Emma Bramley, Kris Collier, Jason Cresswell, Tessa Curtis, Jackie Dover, Eddie Duff, Raquel Farrington, Tanya Hallwood, Lesley Harris, Richard Hetherington, Tanja Hills-johnes, Roger Klenk, Sam Ladd, Gillian Leary, Paul Maitland, Lora Mastrangelo, Leigh Mellor, Tom Morton, Suzanne Munro, Valerie Palmer, Brin Parsonage, Jan Philpot, Phil Pinkham, Janet Purchas, Simon Renshaw, John Rolfe, Ben Tayler, Chris Temple, Corinne Tite, Anne Townley, Martin Udall, Jon Webster, Maggie Wilkinson, Jeanette Williams