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by Euripides

The Questors Playhouse
16-23 June 2007

Directed by Anne Neville
Designed by Peter Collins
Lighting by Andy Torble
Sound by Mark Lucek
Costumes by Josie Thomas, Jennie Yates


Hainsley Bennett, Caroline Bleakley, Stephanie Boyle, Sarah Brothwell, Clare Cooper, Anthony Curran, Mary Davies, Tara Dowd, Dennis Dracup, Harry Fitzgerald, Louise Kavanagh, Dan Maxwell, Louisa Norman, Mark Oosterveen, Lindsey Pearson, Vanessa Plessas, Stuart Sessions, Michael Smith, Alan Soper, Izabella Urbanowicz, Michele Waldock, Cathie Wallace

Production Team:
Jane Arnold-Forster, Danny Bailey, Cassy Becker, Andrew Berkerey, Henry Broom, Michael Cuming, Dennis Dracup, John Feather, Sam Freeman, Neil Lacey, Nigel Lawrence, Mark Lucek, Lema McLean, Jackson Milner, Geoffrey Morgan, Peter Salvietto, Lawrence Sills, Ruth Simpson, Ana Spinelli, Emma Tatchell, Josie Thomas, Andy Torble, Claire Walker, Paul Wilson, Victoria Yassa, Jennie Yates