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by George Farquhar

The Questors Playhouse
12-20 March 2004

Directed by Anne Neville
Designed by the Questors Design Team
Lighting by Andrew Dixon
Sound by Mike Caddy


Andy Ashford, Howard Benbrook, Derek Chandler, Julia Cooke, Anthony Curran, James Goodden, Jonathan Jones,, Francis Lloyd, Kerri Logan, Geoffrey Morgan, Will O'Connell, Helen Parkinson, Jananne Rahman, Robert Seatter, Penny Seyfert, Matt Sheahan, Simon Thomas, Andrew Weller, Annabelle Williams.

Production Team:
Sarah Andrews, Mike Caddy, Julia Cooke, Inma del Castillo, Andrew Dixon, Dennis Dracup, Marie Esperanca, Les Fraser, Mike Hagan, Nici Huck, Vikki Irvine, Debbie Jones, Penny Letham, Tom Mcguire, Tom Meagher, Anne Neville, William O'Connell, Sarah Owen, Ruth Parry, Carla Richards, Roz Rocher, Peter Salvietto, Matthew Simpson, Sean Thomas, Karen Tollady, Louis Tonna.