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The Questors National Student Playwriting Competition

by Carl Grose

Music by Michael Carver

The Questors Playhouse
March 1996

Directed & Designed by Spencer Butler
Lighting by Pete Wlaters & Andy MacDonald
Sound by Ian Howlett
Costumes by Chloe Faine



John Courtney, Michael Dineen, Robert Goldsborough, Tom Hampton, Sandra Healy, Sophie James, Glenda Kerney, Ruth Lister, Andrew Lummis, Ken Ratcliffe, Simon Snashall, Hannah Watkins, David Watson, Ffrangcon Whelan, Val Wilding

Production Team:
Nigel Bamford, Richard Bridgen, Spencer Butler, Graham Carpenter, Michael Carver, Chloe Faine, Tony Hill, Ian Howlett, Lucy Hurst, Trish Knight, Eric Lister, Matthew Lyon, Andy Macdonald, Marguerite Minster, Susan Oliver, Alison Owland, Russell Plows, Harriet Simon, George Squire, Mark Stuart, Sarah Triggs, Maria Victoria De Los Reyes, Bill Viney, Pete Walters