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List of Authors T-Z

Tarbet, Marie
Sullen Heart, The (Play Reading) 1950
Sullen Heart, The (Play Reading) 1951

Tagore, Rabindranath
Chitra 1941 (Annual Drama Festival)

Tardieu, Jean
Lovers on the Underground 1976 (Student Group)
They Alone Knew 1981 (Student Group)

Tatchley, Niall
Head On/Head Off (Unseen) 2005
Two Square Pegs 2007

Taylor, C P
And a Nightingale Sang 1983
Good 1986

Taylor, Don
The Exorcism 1997

Taylor, Simon Watson
Knackering for All (translation) 1984
The Cenci (translation) 1974
Ubu Rex (adaption) 1998 (Student Group)

Taylor, Tom
The Ticket of Leave Man 1960
The Ticket-of-Leave Man 1972

Tebelak, John-Michael
Godspell 1997

Tegel, Peter
The Suicide (translation) 1996(Student Group)

Phormio 2007(Rehearsed Reading)
The Eunuch 1971 (Student Group)

Terson, Peter
A Night to Make Angels Weep 1990 (Rehearsed Reading)

Thain, Paul
Turning Point 1984

Theiner, George
Temptation (translation) 1992

Thomas, Brandon
Charley's Aunt 1961
Charley's Aunt 1988
Charley's Aunt 2008
Charley's Aunt 2019 (Student Production)

Thomas, Dylan
Under Milk Wood 1980 (Student Group)
Under Milk Wood 1989
Under Milk Wood (shortened version) 1960 (Student Group)

Thomas, Edward
Robert Frost - A Celebration 2013

Thompson, Flora
Lark Rise 1984

Thompson, J R
Dimbola 2021 (Staged Reading) (New Play)

Thompson, Steve
Whipping it Up 2022

Thornton, Lyn
Tyring House, The 2022 (New play)

Thurber, James
Case of Dimity Ann 1963 (Director's Showcase)
Thurberesque 1977

Till, Benjamin
Alice Through the Looking Glass 2011 (adaption)

Toibin, Colm
A Priest in the Family 2018

Torrance, Lee
Just for Comfort 1988 (Rehearsed Reading)

Townsend, Sue
Groping for Words 1991

Tremblay, Michel
Albertine, in Five Times 1987
Bonjour La, Bonjour 1982
Hosanna 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
Sisters 1982
The House Among the Stars 1994
Trevor, Norman
The Girl 1968

Trench, Patsy
The Actress and the Engineer 1983 (New Play)

Trevor, William
The Girl 1968 (Student Group)

Tucker, Norman
The Old Pier 1980

Tunney, Russ
The Wolves of Willoughby Chase (adaption) 2015

Turgenev, Ivan
A Month in the Country (Play Reading) 1940
A Month in the Country 1962
A Month in the Country 1983

Turner, John
The Cherry Sisters 1985
The Cherry Sisters 2004

Tute, Warren
Frost at Midnight (translation) 1999

Twain, Mark
The Mark Twain Show 1977 (Student Group)

Underhill, J G
The Cradle Song (trans) 1947 (Student Group)

Valency, Maurice
The Madwoman of Chaillot (translation) 1968
The Thracian Horses 1949
The Visit (adaption) 2007

Valle-Inclan, Roman Maria del
The Grotesque Farce of Mr Punch 1993

Vanbrugh, John
The City Wives' Confederacy 1949 (Student Group)
The Provok'd Wife 1972
The Relapse 1982

Vega, Lope de
Choice or Chance 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Dog in the Manger 2006

Velasco, Dorothy
Miracle at Graceland (American Dreams)1987
The Metamorphosis of Woody Allen (American Dreams) 1987
The Radio Ray Fan Club (American Dreams) 1987

Vellacott, Phillip
Hecabe (translation) 1966
The Trojan Women (translation) 1969

Verga, Giovanni
Cavelleria Rusticana 1957 (Student Group)

Verrall, Douglas
Playground 1980

Verne, Jules
Around the World in Eighty Days 2013

Vian, Boris
Knackering for All 1984

Vibert, Trevor
Bad Dreams (translation) 1965

Vildrac, Charles
SS Tenacity 1956

Voce, Eric
The Song of Songs (adaption) (Annual Drama Festival) 1942

Voce, Marion
Abandon Hope (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
Bondage (Annual Drama Festival)1947
The Decoy (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
The Gentle Maiden (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Walcott, Derek
Ti-Jean and his Brothers 1994

Walker, George F
Suburban Motel 2011

Wall, Michael
Amongst Barbarians 1994

Wallace, Edgar
On the Spot 1974

Wallis, Paul
Without Women 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Walpole, Hugh
The Old Ladies (excerpt) (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Walsh, Enda
Chatroom 2010

Ward, Nick
The Strangeness of Others 1992

Warner, Rex
Medea (translation) 1980

Warner, Robert
The Grotesque Farce of Mr Punch (trans) 1993

Warner, William
The Menaechmi (trans) (Rehearsed Reading) 1976

Wasserman, Dale
One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest 1979

Waterhouse, Keith
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 1981 (Student Group)
Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 1992

Saturday, Sunday, Monday (adaption) 2006 (Student Group)

Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell 2010

Waters, Steve
The Contingencey Plan 2023

Watling, E F
Antigone (Tranlsation) 1959 (Student Group)
Electra (translation) 1972 (Student Group)

Watson, Doc
The interview 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)

Watson, Donald
Here Comes the Chopper (translation) 1996 (Student Group)
The Lesson (translation) 1960
The Picture (translation) 1968

Watson, Fred
Private Fires 1967 (New Play)
The Surrey Recruit (New Play)1964

Wayne, Philip
The Strolling Clerk from Paradise (translation) (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Wax, Emanuel
Holiday in Biarritz 1957 (Student Group)

Webb, Geoff
Account 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
Aladdin 1981
Cold Times 1986
Fair Play 1985 (New Play)
Long Way Away 1984 (New Play)

Webster, John
The Duchess of Malfi 1971
The Duchess of Malfi 2014
The White Devil 1980

Weinstein, Don
Danny and the Flyer 1988

Weisenborn, Gunther
The Three Honourable Gentlemen 1955

Weiss, Peter
Marat/Sade 1985

Weldon, Fay
Madame Bovary: Breakfast with Emma 2009
Permanence 1981 (Showcase)

Weller, Michael
Moonchildren 1991
Tiro Tells Everything 1983 (Director's Showcase)

Wells, Tom
Jumpers for Goalposts 2017

Welsh, Irvine
Trainspotting 2000

Wertenbaker, Timberlake
Our Country's Good 1990
Our Country's Good 2004 (Student Group)
Pelleas and Melisande (translation) 1989
The Love of the Nightingale 1993
The Love of the Nightingale 2005 (Student Group)

Wesker, Arnold
The Journalists 1996

West, Julius
The Wedding (trans) 1957 (Student Group)

Wheeler, Hugh
A Little Night Music 1993
A Little Night Music 2016
Sweeney Todd 2010

Whelan, Andrew
A Little Patch of Ground 2011
Business 2009 (Rehearsed Reading)
Business 2012

Dracula - Fangs for the Destiny 2013 (New Play)

Whelan, Peter
Accrington Pals, The 1983
Accrington Pals, The 2004
Accrington Pals, The 2010 (Student Group)
Bright and Bold Design 1998
Clay 1989
Herbal Bed, The 2000
Oh Sister! 1966 (Director's Showcase)
Russian in the Woods, A 2003
School of Night, The 2012
Shakespeare Country 1993
Sleepers in the Field 2018

Whitehall, Richard
Ballad and the Moon, A (RR) 1952
Night Before Spring, The (New Play) 1955

Whitehead, E A
Alpha Beta (Extract) 1982
Alpha Beta 1975 (Directors' Showcase)
The Foursome 1976

Whitemore, Hugh
Best of Friends, The 1991 (Rehearsed Reading)
Breaking the Code 1999

Pack of Lies 1994

Whiting, John
Conditions of Agreement 1970
Marching Song 1959
No Why 1973 (Student Group)
Penny for A Song 1956
Penny for A Song 1978
Sacrifice to the Wind (translation) 1956
The Devils 1991
Traveller without Luggage (translation) 1962

Whittington, Amanda
Be My Baby 2014
Ladies' Day 2010

Ladies Down Under 2011

The Witch 1934

Wilcox, Michael
Lent 1994

Wilde, Oscar
Florentine Tragedy, A (Annual Drama Festival) 1938
Ideal Husband, An 2014
Importance of Being Earnest, The (Play Reading) 1931
Importance of Being Earnest, The 1944
Importance of Being Earnest, The 1970
Importance of Being Earnest, The (extract) 1982
Importance of Being Earnest, The 1984
Importance of Being Earnest, The 2009
Importance of Being Earnest, The 2022 (Student Group)
Vera 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)
Lady Windermere's Fan 1993
Woman of No Importance, A 1999

Wilde, Percival
Lady of Dreams (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
The Finger of God (Annual Drama Festival) 1935

Wilder, Thornton
Love and How to Cure it (Annual Drama Festival)1940
Queens of France (Annual Drama Festival)1942
Queens of France 1951 (Student Group)
The Happy Journey to Trenton and Camden 1940
The Matchmaker 1984 (Student Group)
The Matchmaker 2000
The Merchant of Yonkers 1951
The Skin of our Teeth 1959 (Student Group)

Wildman, Carl
Antigone (translation) 1955 (Student Group)

Willett, John
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich (translation) 1989 (Student Group)
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich (translation) 2003 (Student Group)
Fear and Misery in The Third Reich (translation) 2015 (Student Group)
The Good Person of Szechwan (translation) 2005

Willetts, Fred
Fairground Music (New Play)(Experiment) 1964

Williams, G H
Struggle Till Dawn (translation) 1964

Williams, Nicholas
Loop of Time 1978

Williams, Nigel
Death Watch (translation) 1986

Williams, Roy
Days of Significance 2019

Williams, Tennessee
Auto-da-fé 1979
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 1994
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2023
Dark Room, The 1979
Glass Menagerie, The 1960
Glass Menagerie, The 1986
Glass Menagerie, The 1999
Hello from Betha 1979
Lady of Larkspur Lotion, The 1961 (Student Group)
Lady of Larkspur Lotion, The 1979
Lord Byron's Love Letter 1979
Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, A 1988
Period of Adjustment 1983
Portrait of a Madonna 1961 (Student Group)
Portrait of a Madonna 1979
Rose Tattoo, The 1998
Small Craft Warnings 1977
Something Unspoken 1977 (Student Group)
Streetcar Named Desire, A 1981
Streetcar Named Desire, A 2004
Suddenly Last Summer 1972 (Student Group)
Suddenly Last Summer 2003
Suddenly Last Summer 2003

Summer and SMoke 1958
Talk To me Like The Rain And Let Me Listen 2015 (Directors' Showcase)

Willis, Douglas
Stares, The 2020 (QExtra) (New Play)

Wilmott, Phil
Around the World in Eighty Days 2013

Wilmurt, Arthur
Noah (translation) 1956
Noah (translation) 1956 (Student Group)

Wilson, Landford
Burn This 1994
Home Free 1975 (Director's Showcase)
Poster of the Cosmos, A (World Aid's Day) 1997

Rimers of Eldritch, The 1978

Wilson, Nicholas Jonne (John)
Blood Ties 1995
coda4maKbet 2006
Dimension 1976
Hamlet (What Dreams May Come) (adaption) 1989
If Shakespeare were a Friend of Ours... 1987
Into Another Dimension 1977
Nervous - Very, Very, Dreadfully Nervous 1991
Quietus 2021 (Student Group)
Weep My Fortunes (King Lear) (adaption) 1992
(see also Nicholas Jonne)

Wilson, Sandy
The Boy Friend 1981

Winfield, Jess
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) 2011

Winsloe, Christa
Children in Uniform 1946

Winter, Keith
Air Raid 1940 (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival)

Wodehouse, P G
The Play's The Thing (adaption) 1992

Wolfenden, Berenice
Princess and The Pea, The 2003
Seance, The 2019 (Overnight Plays)

Wood, David
The Gingerbread Man 1995
The Witches (adaption) 2003
Tom's Midnight Garden (adaption) 2002

Wood, John
The Barber of Seville (translation) 1990
The Marriage of Figaro (translation) 1990

Wood, Mrs Henry
East Lynne 1963

Wood, Richard F
Good Englishman (Play Reading) 1950

Woods, Phil
The Canterbury Tales (adaption) 1999

Woolf, James
Isle of the Departed 2005

Woolverton, Linda
Beauty and the Beast 2010

Wright, Barbara
The Balcony (translation) 2000
The Balcony (translation) 2014 (Student Group)

Wright, Nicholas
Mrs Klein 1997
Vincent in Brixton 2006

Wright, Samantha
Aftermath 2007

Wycherley, William
The Country Wife 1965
The Country Wife 1985
The Country Wife 2017

Wymark, Olwen
Coda 1983 (Student Group)

Wyndham, John
The Chrysalids 2003

Yallop, David
In Search of Man 1968 (New Play)

Yeats, W B
At the Hawk's Well 1964 (Director's Showcase)
Deirdre 1952
The King of the Great Clock Tower (Annual Drama Festival) 1938
The Only Jealousy of Emer 1962 (Student Group)

Young, Stark
At the Shrine 1933
Madretta (Annual Drama Festival) 1935

Zajdlic, Richard
Dogs Barking 2009

Zavala, Maria
The Woman Who Turned into a Clock 2003