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List of Authors I-L

Ibragimbekov, Rustam
Burnt by the Sun 2016 (screenplay)

Ibsen, Henrik
A Doll's House (Play Reading) 1938
A Doll's House 1945
A Doll's House 197
A Doll's House 1997
A Doll's House 2003
A Doll's House 2023 (adaptation)
An Enemy of the People 2006
Brand 1964
Ghosts 1946
Ghosts 1961
Ghosts 1996
Hedda Gabler 1968
Hedda Gabler 1982
Hedda Gabler 2002
John Gabriel Borkman 1992
Little Eyolf 1983
Peer Gynt 1969
Peer Gynt 2018
Rosmersholm 1978
Rosmersholm 2019
The Lady from the Sea 1975 (Student Group)
The Master Builder 1956
The Master Builder 1984
The Master Builder 2015
The Vikings of Helgeland 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Wild Duck 1999
When We Dead Awaken 1975

Inchbald, Mrs Elizabeth
Lovers' Vows 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Wedding Day 1976

Ionesco, Eugene
Bald Prima-Donna, The 1964 (Student Group)
Chairs, The 1965 (Director's Showcase)
Chairs, The 2008
Here Comes the Chopper 1996 (Student Group)
Lesson, The 1960
Lesson, The (Director's Showcase) 1976
Lesson, the 2008
Picture, the 1968
Rhinoceros 2015

Ireland, Vicky
The Four Friends (adaption) 2005

Isherwood, Christopher
Cabaret 1983

Isitt, Debbie
Nasty Neighbours 1995

James, Henry
Ancestor, The 1974
Aspern Papers, The 1990
Friends of the Friends 1974

Jardine-Smith, Liz
Carer 2015 (Directors' Showcase)

Jarry, Alfred
Ubu 1999
Ubu Rex 1998 (Student Group)

Jast, Stanley
Venus and the Shepherdess (Annual Drama Festival) 1934

Jeffries, Stephen
Hard Times (adaption) 1997 (Student Group)
The Libertine 2010 (Student Group)

Jellicoe, Ann
The Seagull (translation) 1972

Jennings, Gertrude E
Me and My Diary 1930

Jensen, Erik
The Exonerated (trans) 2016

Jerrold, Douglas William
Black Eye'd Susan 1969

Jesse, E Tennyson
The Mask (Annual Drama Festival) 1936

Jhabava, Ruth Prawer
Abode of Peace 1984

John, Miriam
The Orchestra (translation) 1980 (Student Group)
The Orchestra (translation) 1988 (Student Group)

Johnson, David
The Dog in the Manger (translation) 2006

Johnson, Denis
A Bride for the Unicorn 1938

Johnson, Pamela Hansford
Corinth House 1952 (Student Group)

Johnson, Philip
Legend (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
The Lovely Miracle (Annual Drama Festival) 1938

Johnson, Terry
Dead Funny 2000
Insignificance 2008
The London Cuckolds (adaption) 2006

Johnston, Denis
The Golden Cuckoo 1957
The Moon in the Yellow River 1943
The Scythe and the Sunset 1959

Jolas, Maria
Silence (translation) 1976

Jones, Andrew
Hamster Babies 2002 (Rehearsed Reading)

Jones, Charlotte
Humble Boy 2010

Jones, Gwynneth
The Mayor of Torontal 1968 (Student Group)

Jones, Henry Arthur
The Liars (Play Reading) 1938
The Silver King 1965

Jones, Robert
Critical Daylight 1983 (New Play)
Plodding On 1980
Questickles! 1985

Jones, Tom
The Fantasticks (1999)

Jonne, Nicholas
coda4maKbet 2006
(see also John Wilson)

Jonson, Ben
Bartholomew Fair 1986
The Alchemist 1972
The Alchemist 2009

Joyce, James
Exiles 1983
The Voice of Shem (Finnegan's Wake) 1958
Ulysses 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

Kafka, Franz
Metamorphosis 1996
The Trial 1985 (Student Group)

Kalnejais, Rita
First Love is the Revolution 2020

Kander, John
Cabaret 1983

Kane, John
The Wizard of Oz (adaption) 2008

Kane, Sarah
4.48 Psychosis
Blasted 2004

Karinthy, Ferenc
Fact and Fiction 1981

Kastner, Erich
Emil and the Detectives (QYT) 2017

Kataev, Valentin
Squaring the Circle 1942

Katie, Cristina
Isle of the Departed 2005

Kaufman, George S
The Man who Came to Dinner 1987 (Student Group)
The Man who Came to Dinner 2011 (Student Group)
You Can't Take it With You 1952
You Can't Take it With You 1993 (Student Group)
You Can't Take it With You 2003 (Student Group)

Kavanagh, Ben
Hearing, The 2022 (New Play)(Powerplay 2)

Keatley, Charlotte
My Mother Said I Never Should 1991

Keefe, Barrie
A Mad World My Masters 1978
Gotcha! 1983

Keller, James
Sanctuary 1976 (New Play)
The Watershed 1976

Kelly, Dennis
After the End 2016
DNA (Youth theatre) 2015
Love and Money (Young Studio) 2017

Kelly, Michael
Bristol Hotel (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival)1941
Cranford (translation) 1947 (Student Group)
Final Dividend (New Play) 1947
Fool's Mate (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival)1941
Gilgamesh 1956 (New Play)
Icarus Preserved (New Play) 1941
Monsieur Bon-Bon 1953 (Student Group)
Only Got Egg (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Only Got Egg (Annual Drama Festival)1947
Sea Flood (New Play)1944
The Alchemist (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
The Ferry (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1945
The Galileo Case 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Patriot (Annual Drama Festival) (New Play)1946
The Raft (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1942
The Tuscan Artist 1948 (New Play)

Kelman, James
In the Night 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Kempinski, Tom
Duet for One 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)
Duet for One 2004

Kennedy, Margaret
The Constant Nymph (Annual Drama Festival) 1934

Kenshole, Christoph
The Liar and the Watch 1994

Keown, Dominic
The Grotesque Farce of Mr Punch (trans) 1993

Kesselman, Wendy
My Sister in This House 1989

Kesselring, Joseph
Arsenic and Old Lace 1982
Arsenic and Old Lace 2007

Kilroy, Thomas
The Seagull (translation) 1989

Kimmel, Barbara
Four Stars 2022 (New Play)(Powerplay 2)

King, Jamie
The Resignation Speech 2020 (Audio Drama)(New play)

King, Philip
See How They Run 1996

King, Stephen
Misery 2009

Kinnear, Rory
Herd, The 2023

Kirkwood, Lucy
Children, The 2021
Maryland 2021 (Staged Reading)
NSFW 2014

Kittermaster, Michael
Operation Cerebus 1976 (New Play)

Kitto, H D F
Electra (translation) 1975

Electra (translation) 1983 (Student Group)

Knightley, Rachel
Aftermath 2007

Knowles, Peter
The Shift 1990

Kondolen, Harry
Zero Positive (World Aid's Day) 1997

Kopit, Arthur
Chamber Music 1974 (Director's Showcase)
Chamber Music 1978 (Student Group)
Sing To Me Through Open Windows 1975 (Directors' Showcase)

Kops, Bernard
Dreams of Anne Frank 1998

Kreymbourg, Alfred
Lima Beans (Annual Drama Festival) 1936
Lima Beans (Welwyn Drama Festival) 1937
Lima Beans (Comedy Contrasts) 1944

Kriwaczek, Paul
Herr Puntilla and his Man Matti (translation) 1973

Kuerishi, Hanif
Mother Courage and Her Children (translation) 1989

Kuttna, Mari
Blood Relations (translation) 1978
Catsplay (translation) 1972

Labey, Russell
New Boy 2003
New Boy 2005

Labiche, Eugene
An Italian Straw Hat 1967
Everybody Loves Celimare 1958
La Grammaire 1956 (Student Group)
The Happiest of the Three 1991

LaBute, Neil
The Shape of Things 2005

Laing, R D
The Bird of Paradise 1991 (Showcase)

Lamb, Caroline
On Me (New Play)(Festival of New Theatre) 2022

Lane, Dorothy
Happy End 1982

Langridge, Michael
A Collier's Tuesday Tea 2004
Streuth 2004
The Cherry Orchard 1985
The Cherry Sisters 2004

The Nutty Slack Spectacular 1973 (New Play)

The Silent Homecoming Party 1996
Tess of the D'Urbervilles 2018

Lapine, James
Into the Woods 2004

Larson, Jonathan
Rent 2011

Latimer, Norman
Edge of the World (New Play) 1952

Lavery, Byrony
A Wedding Story 2003

Law, Michael
A Companion for Claire 1994
Just Us 1992 (Rehearsed Reading)
Just Us 1993
Looking after Molly 2000

Lawler, Ray
Summer of the Seventeenth Doll 1993

Lawrence, D H
A Collier's Friday Night 1970
Men and Woman 1985 (Director's Showcase)
The Daughter-in-Law 1985
Touch-and-Go 1973

LeBarge, Lawrence
Guarded Territories 1995 (Rehearsed Reading)

Lee, Charles
Mr Sampson (Annual Drama Festival) 1935
Mr Sampson (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Leeson, George
The Love of Don Perlimplin (translation) 1961 (Student Group)

Leigh, Mike
Abigail's Party 1995
Abigail's Party 2010

Lengel, Michael
The Last Time I Fell I Love 1994

Leonard, Hugh
A Life 1985

Lev, Martin
Questickles! 1985

Lever, Walter
The Guy 1966 (New Plays Festival)

Levin, Ira
Death Trap 1998

Lewis, C S
The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe 2004

Lewis, David
The Changing (Rehearsed Reading) 1989

Lewis, Henry
The Cupboard and the Corpse (Unseen) 2005
Strictly Crows Only (Unseens) 2005

Two Square Pegs 2007

Lewis, Paul
Herr Puntilla and his Man Matti (translation) 1973

Lewis, Jenny
Gilgamesh Retold 2022 (New Play)

Lindeay-Abaire, David
Rabbit Hole 2018

Lindsell, Shawn
Team Building 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)
Why The Long Face? (New Play)(Overnight Plays) 2022

Linehan, Graham
The Ladykillers (adapt) 2017

Littman, Robert J
Antigone (translation) 2013

Livings, Henry
Big Soft Nellie 1965

Lloyd, Mari
High Tea (Directors' Showcase) 2016

Lochhead, Liz
Mary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off 2003
Dracula 1995

Locke, Lionel
An Apotheosis of Hermione Throssel 1940 (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1940
Overdoin' Things (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1943
The Questors Revue 1939

Long, Adam
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) 2011

Longmore, Estelle
Actressess Will Happen Even in the Best Regulated Families 1977

Longmore, Wylie
Faustus (adaption) 1976

Lorca, Federico Garcia
Billy Club Puppets, The 1980 (Student Group)
Blood Wedding 1955 (Student Group)

Blood Wedding 1987
Butterfly's Evil Spell, The1976
Dona Rosita The Spinster 1976
Dona Rosita The Spinster 1992 (Student Group)
Dona Rosita The Spinster 2012 (Student Group)
House of Bernarda Alba, The (excerpt) 1958 (Student Group)
House of Bernarda Alba The 1966 (Director's Showcase)
House of Bernarda Alba, The 1972 (Student Group)
House of Bernarda Alba, The 1988
House of Bernarda Alba, The 2010
Love of Don Perlimplin 1961 (Student Group)
Shoemaker's Wonderful Wife 1992 (Student Group)
Yerma 1991
Yerma 2012 (Student Group)

Lovering, Taylor
In The Blood 1988 (Rehearsed Reading)

Lowe, Stephen
Glass Houses 1983
Touched 1993

Lowell, Robert
Phaedra (translation) 1967
Prometheus Bound (adaption) 1977
Lubkiewicz, Terera
Werewolves 1991

Lucie, Doug
Grace 1995
Hard Feelings 1985

Luckham, Claire
Moll Flanders (adaption) 1991 (Student Group)

Luke, Peter
Yerma (translation) 1991

Lyly, John
Galatea (Dark Monday) 2017