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by Jean Anouilh
translated by Lucienne Hill
with orignal music by
Harry J Asseo

The Questors Theatre
March 1953

Directed by Abraham Asseo
Designed by Honor O'Nians
Lighting by Gerald Isenthal, Dennis Fisher
Costumes by Hilda Collins, Jane Simpson



Vivian Allen, Joan Bate, Carroll Dodgson, Michael Evanson, Theresa Heffernan, Anthony Holloway, Barbara Hutchins., Robert Jones, David Lorraine, Jennifer Oscard, Robert Pond, Gerald Rawling, Gay Rorke, Edmund Scrivener, Caroline Smith, John Vernon, Frank White

Vivian Allen, Haya J Asseo, Alistair Ridley, Don Vergara

Production Team:
Vivian Allen, Abraham Asseo, George Benn, Ruth Brown, Hilda Collins, Pat Digby, Dennis Farr, Dennis Fisher, Daphne Hudson, Gerald Isenthal, Ruth Milner, Honor O'nians, Kate Onley, Muriel Russell, Jane Simpson