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by Victorien Sadou & Emile de Najac
translated by
Angela & Robert Goldsby

The Questors Playhouse
May 1965

Directed by Alan Chambers
Designed by Sheila Sorley, Mary Anderson
Lighting by Tony Shipley, Pat Digby
Sound by Malcolm Ferguson
Costumes by Paul Imbusch



David Evans, David Gower, Michael Green, Ben Keen, Ruth Lister, Mary Phillips, Ivan Pinfield, Betty Priest, Bill Rudderham, Reta Saxton-howes, Sandra Turner, Bill Wall, Philip Wright, Charles Wrighton

Production Team:
Mary Anderson, Gerald Blake, Judy Bogod, Alan Chambers, Hilda Collins, Eileen Costello, Dorothy Craik, Molly Dale, Pat Digby, Malcolm Ferguson, Patricia Ferriday, Kathleen Harrington, Paul Imbusch, Jacqueline Learner, Carole Lewis, Carole Peverett, Jean Robinson, Joan Saunders, Tony Shipley, Sheila Sorley, Gay Townley, Cherie Walsh, Pamela Ward, Nina Watters, Enid Weaver, John Webb, Vivian Weeks