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List of Authors C-D

Cabal, Fermin
Tejas Verdes 2006

Cabell, J B
God's Regents (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Caird, John
Peter Pan (adaption) 2006

Cairns, Kelly-Ann
What Prize Scotland? 2002

Calderon, Pedro
Life is A Dream 1999
The Surgeon Honour 1992

Caleb, Gordon
Somewhere in England 1987

Caleb, Jean
Somewhere in England 1987

Camoletti, Marc
Boeing-Boeing 2016
Don't Dress for Dinner 2016

Campbell, Alexi Kaye
Apologia 2022
Pride, The 2014

Campbell, D J
The Government Inspector (translation) 1957

Campbell, Ken
Old King Cole 1986

Campton, David
Don't Wait For Me 1963 (New Play)
The Cage Birds 1985 (Student Group)
The Life and Death of Almost Everybody 1970 (New Play)

Camus, Albert
Caligula 1983
The Just 1984

Canny, Steve
The Hound of the Baskervilles (adaption) 2013

Capek, Karel
R.U.R. (Rehearsed Reading) 1989
R.U.R. 2005

Capell, Iris
Hopeful Travellers, The (trans) 1952
R U R 2005

Carroll, Lewis
Alice Through the Looking Glass 1994
Alice Through the Looking Glass 2011

Carroll, Paul Vincent
Shadow and Substance 1950

Cartwright, Jim
Rise and Fall of Little Voice, The 2014
Road 1988
Road 2004
Two 2008

Cassidy, Maud
Vacant Possession (Annual Drama Festival) 1937

Cavan, Romilly
All My Own Work 1961 (Student Group)

Cavander, Kenneth
Iphigenia (adaption) 1991

Centlivre, Susanna
A Bold Stroke for a Wife 1954
The Busy-Body 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)
The Busy-Body 1990

The Cave of Salamanca 1956 (Student Group)

Chambers, Alan
Ancestor, The (adapt) 1974
Blood Wedding (adaption) 1987

Ding! Dong! (translation) 1971
Friends of the Friends (adapt) 1987
Steam 1971
Steam 1972

Chapin, Harold
The Philosopher of Butterbuggins (Annual Drama Festival) 1943

Chapman, Tony
Good Times Together 2023
Home Is... (PlayBack)(QExtra) 2023

Rhythm of the Road 1995

There'll Always be a Brentford 2006

Charnin, Martin
Annie 2011 (lyrics)

Chaucer, Geoffrey
The Canterbury Tales 1999

Chekhov, Anton
An Incident at The Bolshoi 2005
Dramatic Events 2005
On the High Road 1956 (Student Group)
The Anniversary 1952
The Bear (Annual Drama Festival) 1938
The Bear 1950
The Bear 1996
The Bear 2018
The Cherry Orchard 1943
The Cherry Orchard 1965
The Cherry Orchard 1985
The Cherry Orchard 2004
The Harmful Effects of Tobacco 2005
The Proposal (Annual Drama Festival) 1934
The Proposal (Annual Drama Festival)1940
The Proposal (Comedy Contrasts) 1944
The Proposal 1954 (Student Group)
The Proposal 1975 (Director's Showcase)
The Proposal 1985
The Seagull 1947
The Seagull 1972
The Seagull 1989
The Seagull 2008
The Wedding 1957 (Student Group)
The Wedding 1964 (Student Group)
The Wedding 1973 (Student Group Look-in)
The Wedding 1982 (Student Group)
Three Comedies 2005
Three Sisters 1960
Three Sisters 1976
Three Sisters 1997
Three Sisters 2010
Uncle Vanya 1941
Uncle Vanya 1968
Uncle Vanya 1994
Uncle Vanya 2015

Chilton, Charles
Oh! What a Lovely War 1978
Oh! What a Lovely War 2005

Chinn, Jimmie
Albert, Make us Laugh 1986 (Student Group)
Albert, Make Us Laugh 2018 (Student Group)
Helping 1979 (Student Group)
Waltz 1979 (Student Group)
Whatever Happened to Kathy Kirby? 1995

Chrisie, Agatha
Murder on the Nile 2023


Christou, Georgia
How To Spot An Alien 2021

Choules, Martin
Hero for the Day 2019 (Overnight Plays)
Insiders 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)
One Wednesday in the Abyss (New Play)(Overnight Plays)
Talk and Cheese 2021 (Overnight Plays)(New Play)

Churchill, Caryl
Cloud Nine 1986
Escaped Alone 2023
Far Away 2006
Fen 1993
Ice Cream 1996
Light Shining in Buckinghamshire 1979
Serious Money 1989
Top Girls 1986
Vinegar Tom 1987 (Student Group)
What If Only 2023

Churchill, Donald
The Decorator 1985 (Rehearsed Reading)

Churchill, Polly
By The Time You Read This 1994 (Rehearsed Reading)

Cibber, Colly
The Comical Lovers 1963

Clapham, Peter
Little Women (adaption) 1997

Clark, Brian
Whose Life is it Anyway? 1986

Clarke, Austin
The Flame (British Drama League Festival) 1936

Clarke-Smith, D A
Chinese White (Annual Drama Festival) 1934

Clarkson, Tom
Lopsided Moon (Rehearsed Reading) 1990

Claspell, Susan
Bernice (Play Reading) 1936

Claydon, A E
Next Stop Paradise (New Play) (RR) 1955

Clifford, John
Ines de Castro 1994

Clinton-Baddeley, V C
Cinderella 1980

Cocteau, Jean
Antigone 1955 (Student Group)
The Human Voice 1992

Coke, Peter
Vacant Possession (Annual Drama Festival) 1937

Cole, Tom
Medal of Honor Rag 1991

Collins, Paul
Rosmersholm (version) 2019

Collis, Anne
The Twits (adaption) 1999

Collodi, Carlo
Pinocchio 1996

Colman, George
The Clandestine Marriage 2005
The Jealous Wife 1937

Congreve, William
Love for Love 1978
The Way of the World 1968

The Way of the World (Extract) 1982

Conn, Stewart
The King 1975 (Directors' Showcase)

Connelly, Cyril
Ubu Rex (adaption) 1998 (Student Group)

Cooke, Dominic
Arabian Nights (adaption) 2008

Cooney, Ray
Run for Your Wife 2003

Cooper, Giles
Everything in the Garden 1964

Cooper, Helen
Treasure Island 2023

Corr, Grant
Dead Boy Café 2022 (new play)

Costella, Bella
Marriage (translation) 1973 (Student Group)

Courteline, George
Peace at Home (La Paix Chez Soi) (excerpt) (Annual Drama Festival)1940
These Cornfields 1963 (Student Group)

Coward, Noël
Blithe Spirit 1986
Blithe Spirit 2003
Design for Living 2003
Family Album 1978 (Student Group)
Fumed Oak 1984 (Student Group)
Hands Across the Sea (Student Group) 2015
Hay Fever 1978
Hay Fever 2008
I'll Leave it to You 1930
Present Laughter 1975
Present Laughter 1998
Present Laughter 2011
Private Lives 1968
Private Lives (Extract) 1982
Private Lives 1994
Private Lives 2019
Red Peppers (Directors' Showcase) 2106
This Happy Breed 2005
Young Idea, The (Student Group)2015

Cowley, Mrs
The Belle's Stratagem 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)

Cox, Constance
Pride and Prejudice (adaption) 1976 (Student Group)
Pride and Prejudice (adaption) 1989 (Student Group)

Cox, Ned
Room IV 1993

Craig, Jennifer
By Further Request 1951

Craig, Larry
A Physical Truth 1989 (Rehearsed Reading)

Cregan, David
Transcending 1972
Transcending 1975 (Student Group)

Creighton, Anthony
Epitaph for George Dillon 1961

Crimp, Martin
The Country 2001
The Country 2008

Criswell, Sheryle
Mourning the Marigolds 2001 (Rehearsed Reading)

Crocker, Ben
Cinderella 2016
Dick Whittington and His Cat 2105

Jack and The Beanstalk 2014
Mother Goose 2017
Robin Hood 2019
Sleeping Beauty 2018
Snow White 2022

Cross, Beverley
Boeing-Boeing (trans)

Crozier, Eric
Christmas in the Market Place (adaption)

Cullinan, Tom
The Sentinel (Colloquialisms) 1964

Cummings, E E
Poems 1976

Curry, Neil
The Trojan Women (adaption) 1969 (Student Group)

Czerkawska, Catherine
Wormwood 2002 (Rehearsed Reading)

Dahl, Roald
The Twits 1999
The Witches 2003

Daly, Augustin
Under the Gaslight 1985

Dane, Clemence
A Bill of Divorcement 1931
A Bill of Divorcement 1933

Daniels, Sarah
Masterpieces 1992
The Gut Girls (Youth Theatre) 1993
The Gut Gilrs (Student Group) 2023

Dann, William
The Questors Revue 1939

Davey, John
Martin Guerre 1979
The Glass Menage a Trois 1996
The Glass Menage a Trois 2004

Davies, Ralfe
Heloise (Reharsed Reading)

Davies, Richard
Italian Pastorale (New Play) (RR) 1954
Jericho 1989 (New Play)(RR)

Davies, Robertson
A Jig for a Gypsy 1954

Daviot, Gordon
The Little Dry Thorn 1949

Davis, Sue
La Ronde (translation) 1992

Steel Tumbleweed 2016 (Quarchives II)

Day, Lisa
Cinderloo 2020 (Overnet Plays)(new play)

Day, Patrick
God's Regents (adaption) (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944
Idyll in Llanybach (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Dean, Basil
The Constant Nymph (Annual Drama Festival) 1934

Dean, Katy Louise
War Street Serenade 1989

Deane, Hamilton
Dracula 1974

Dear, Nick
A Family Affair (translation) 1997
The Art of Success 2000

Deegan, Denise
Daisy Pulls it Off 1993
Daisy Pulls it Off 2018

Deevey, Teresa
In Search of Valour 1951 (Student Group)

Defoe, Daniel
Moll Flanders 1991 (Student Group)

Everybody Loves Celimare 1958

Delaney, Shelagh
A Taste of Honey 1980
A Taste of Honey 1996

Dennis, Nigel
The Making of Moo (rehearsed Reading) 1990

Denny, Norman
Clérambard (translation) 1953

Dewey, Jane
Home Is... (PlayBack)(QExtra) 2023
Lady Susan (adaption) 1987
Lady Susan (adaption) 2017
Micromania 1985 (New Play)
Peregrine Proteus (New Play) 2022
Waldo and the Wonderful Web 1983
The Tragedy of Tragedies or Tomb Thumb (Rehearsed Reading) 1990
Wilfred and the Wizard Hunt 1983

Dewhurst, Keith
Lark Rise (adaption) 1984

Diak, Rodney
Fanfaronade (New Play) 1955

Diamond, Gary
Heaven's Waiting Room 2011 (Late Night)

Dickens, Charles
A Christmas Carol 2009
Great Expectations 2007
Hard Times 1997 (Student Group)
Little Dorrit (adaptation) 2023
Oliver! 2005
The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby 2003

Dickinson, Patric
Lysistrata (translation) 1962

Dighton, John
The Happiest Days of Your Life 2000 (Student Group)

Disk, Rodney
Fanfaronade 1955

Dobson, John
Gerard Ascending 1997
Grex...a great expectation 1998

Dolman, Madge
The Decoy (New Play) (Annual Drama Festival) 1944

Donleavy, J P
Fairy Tales of New York 1966

Donnellan, Declan
Great Expectations 2007
Lady Betty 2000

Dorfman, Areil
Death and the Maiden 1995
Death and the Maiden 2022

Dorman-Gajic, Ella
Incident in Oxygen 2020 (Scenes in Solitude)(New play)

Crime and Punishment 1979 (Student Group)

Downey, Roger
Figaro Gets a Divorce (translation) 1990

Doyle, Arthur Conan
Sherlock Holmes 1984
The Hound of the Baskervilles 2013

Dransfield, Jane
Joe (Annual Drama Festival) 1946

Drinkwater, John
Mary Stuart (Play Reading) 1932

Druten, John Van
Behold We Live (Play Reading) 1933
Cabaret 1983

Young Woodley (Play Reading) 1933

Dryden, John
The Comical Lovers 1963

Duckworth, Colin
Lovers on the Underground (translation) 1976
They Alone Knew (translation) 1981

Duff, David
Napoleon 1993 (Rehearsed Reading)

Duffy, Carol Ann
Grimm Tales (adaption) 1997
Grimm Tales (adaption) 2016 (Youth Theatre)

Duffy, Maureen
Rites 1972 (Student Group)

Dukes, Ashley
The Man With a Load of Mischief (Play Reading) 1932
The Man with a Load of Mischief 1942

Dunbar, Janet
The Affected Young Ladies 1955 (Student Group)

Duncan, Ronald
Abelard and Heloise 1963
The Trojan Women (translation) 1992

Dunn, Douglas
Andromache (translation) 1997

Dunster, Matthew
George Orwell's Ninety Eighty Four 2019

Durang, Christopher
Seeking Wild (World Aid's Day) 1997

Duras, Margueritte
Musica, La 1966 (Director's Showcase)
Suzanna Andler 1976

Dürenmatt, Friedrich
Hercules and the Augean Stables 1966
The Visit 2007 (Student Group)

Duszynska, Wanda
Cogner au Plafond (Bashing on the Ceiling) 2007
The Goat Boy (El Chico Cabrio) 2006

Duval, Robin
Part of an Evening 1977

Dyer, Charles
Staircase 1975

Dyer, Joel
Blood and Presidency (Unseens) 2005

Dyer, Kevin
The Monster Under the Bed 2012