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by Ronald Harwood

The Questors Studio
February 2018

Directed by Stephanie Pemberton
Designed by Carla Evans
Lighting by Andrew Whadcoat
Sound by Paul Wilson
Costumes by Anne Gilmour



Russell Fleet, Zac Karaman, Adam Kimmel, Rosie Louden, Evelina Plonyte, Simon Taylor

Production Team:
Henry Broom, James Byrne, Dennis Dracup, Carla Evans, Jane Arnold-forster, Bernd Gauweiler, Dagmar Gauweiler, Bernd Gauweiler, Anne Gilmour, Doug King, Mari King, Cherie Louw, Elisa De Micheli, Terry Mummery, John Owens, James Peake, Stephanie Pemberton, Laura Randall, Pam Smith, Steve Souchon, Halle Stephens, Roisin Tierney, Andrew Whadcoat, Marianne Widmer, Rob Willin, Paul Wilson, Fengfan Zhou