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by John Thomas Haines

The Questors Playhouse
December 1966

Directed by Alan Chambers
Musical Direction by Eric Kirby
Designed by George Benn


Jeanette Ambrose, Mrs. Barge, Martin Bowle, Mr. Brown, Peggy Butt, Alan Drake, Kay Eldridge, Jean Harding, Master Hardy, Jillyann Healy, Nicholas Hunt, Ben Keen, Mr Lewis, Martin Macdonald, Mr Moss, Paul O'connor, Stella Page, David Pearson, Gerald Petch, Ken Ratcliffe, Martin Rutherford, Ted Scrivener, Mr Smith, Mr. Taylor, Miss Wood, Philip Wright

Production Team:
Pam Barge, George Benn, Gerry Blake, Neville Bradbury, Alan Chambers, Richard Collins, Mr. Collins, Sally Conrad, Marie Crabb, Dorothy Craik, Bob Crisp, Dsaivdwedmore, Patricia Ferriday, Rita Frost, Ms Gotch, Michael Green, Kath Harrington, John Howard, Ruth Howard, Eric Kirby, Ms Llewellyn, Margaret Mckenzie, Frances O'neill, Eleanor Panayi, Iris Phelps, Ms La Rondie, Joan Saunders, Tony Shipley, Diana Slee, Mrs Somers-yeates, John Stacey, Mr. Stock, Ms Reid Thomson, Mr Watson, Diane Williams, Mr. Young,