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devised by Barbara Hutchins

The Questors Theatre
April 1959

Directed by Barbara Hutchins
Designed by John Rolfe
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal, Andy Anderson
Sound by Norman Granger, Jose Roberts
Costumes by Kim Zeigler



Dorothy Boyd-taylor, Alan Drake, Ivor Dykes, Sylvia Estop, Michael Green, Paul Imbusch, Laurence Irvin, Vincent Mcqueen, Jennifer Oscard, Joan Pyle, Tony Worth

Barbara Hutchins, Ian Jones, Gary Weaver

Production Team:
Mary Bennet, Fred Cann, Hilda Collins, Bill Collins, Norman Grange, Andy Anderson, Kathleen Harrington, Phyllis Harris, Stuart Hartley, Barbara Hutchins, Gerry Isenthal, Patricia Leventon, Fred Mynard, Jose Roberts, John Rolfe, Jane Simpson, Daphne Williams, Kim Zeigler