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by Harold Brighouse

The Questors Playhouse
March 1989

Directed by Pat Gowman
Designed by Norman Barwick
Lighting by Alan N Smith
Sound by Nigel Worsley
Costumes by Janice Boot



Barrie Blewett, Dorothy Boyd-Taylor, Neville Bradbury, Richard Brown, Lorna Duval, Ceri Jones, Roger Lewis, Des Noctor, Simon Roberts, Wendy Smith, Alan Widdrington, Caroline Young

Production Team:
Michel Amir, Sarah Andrews, Fawaz Atturkey, Amanda Barker, Norman Barwick, Arthur Boardman, Janice Boot, Andrew Branscombe, Clair Broughton, Jim Caithness, Peter Collins, Grace Craddock, Joan Curry, Jean Foad, Peter Gardiner, Pat Gowman, Tina Harris, Norman Hill, Susan Jagger, Jean Kolbe, Sabine Manthey, Margot McCarthy, Gordon Miller, Julie Mitchell, Val Moran, Tom Morton, Carlene Pence, Anne Rice, Harriet Simon, Alan Smith, Chris Sydenham, Anne Turner, Lindsay Udell, Jan Wawrzynowicz, Nigel Worsley, Louise Young