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by Franz Kafka
adapted by Steven Berkoff

The Questors Playhouse
April 1996

Directed by Paddy O'Connor
Designed by Cullen Henshaw
Lighting by Tim Hayward
Sound by Tony Conway
Costumes by Cullen Henshaw



Lisa Day, Neil Dickens, Vicky Kent, Roger Lewis, Aine Mcgreevy, Clare Mitchell, Gerry O'sullivan, Roxanne Prsely

Production Team:
James Allison, Tony Conway, Panas Damantopoulos, Mike Dineen, Vanessa Faulkner, Katy Gallantry, Nick Hawker, Tim Hayward, Cullen Henshaw, Mark Iles, Sandy Maura, Paddy O'Connor, David Paull, Chris Tomlins, Jon Webster, Annie Webster