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by Jean Anouilh,
translated by Lothian Smail

The Questors Theatre
May 1958

Directed by Barbara Hutchins
Designed by George Benn
Lighting by Colin James
Sound by Norman Granger
Costumes by Lena Cann, Theresa Heffernan



Patrick Bacon, John Boud, Neville Bradbury, Una Chapman, Laurence Irvin, Stanley Law, David Lorraine, Roy Montgomery, Betty Ogden, Jennifer Oscard, Ffrangcon Price, Gerald Rawling, John Vernon, Philip Wright

Anthony Cleveland

Production Team:
George Benn, Fred Cann, Lena Cann, Doreen Crosby, Molly Dale, Denis Fisher, Norman Granger, Theresa Heffernan, Barbara Hutchins, Gerry Isenthal, Colin James, Janet Macmillan, Marjorie Mcgarrick, Raymond Moss, Jose Roberts, Peter Talbot