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by Francoise Mauriac,
translated by Basil Bartlett

The Questors Theatre
September 1951

Directed by Iris Coe
Designed by Marjorie Goldsby
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal
Sound by Albert Gibbs
Costumes by Hilda Collins


Olive Castel, Joyce Colwill, Michael Davis, Reginald Hamlyn, Gay Rorke, Edmund Scrivener, Catherine Scrivener, Francis W Smith, Leslie Tidd, John Vernon

Production Team:
Dorothy Barnett, Coya Bisgood, Iris Coe, Hilda Collins, Alfred Emmet, Albert Gibbs, Marjorie Goldsby, Paula Green, Betty Hanss, Gerry Isenthal, Meyrick Osborn, Leslie Tidd