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by Dion Boucicault

The Questors Playhouse
May 1989

Directed by Roberta Green
Designed by Julian Dowson
Lighting by Martin Stoner
Sound by Robin Thompson
Costumes by Celia Dowell



Derek Bullock, Mary Davies, Tony Diggle, Michael Gabe, Michael Healy, Simon Higginson, Gillian Kerseell, Rachel Power, Ken Ratcliffe, Sue West, Piers Whibley

Production Team:
Roberta Green, Julian Dowson, Kate Hargreaves, Martin Stoner, Andrew Rungen, Robin Thompson, Celia Dowell, Eric Lister, Aruna Reddy, Grant Filshill, Jackie Dover, Jonathan Partington, Jo Perse, Jane Stacey, Sue Kendrick, Kris Collier, Bob Charles, Lyn Boydell, Fiona Nicholson, Rupert Hornstein, Kirsty Hanson, Tony Cornish