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by Henrik Ibsen
translated by Michael Meyer

The Questors Playhouse
January 1978

Directed by Tony Rushforth
Designed by Nigel Cowell
Lighting by Frank Wood
Sound by Mimke Emery



Nevile Cruttenden, Ned Gethings, Mary Hodlin, Michele Mikardo, Kenneth Ratcliffe, John Robb

Production Team:
Alec Atcheson, Geoffrey Barker, Geoffrey Barker, Nigel Cowell, Julie Cruttenden, Russel Dame, Philip Dean, Philip Dean, Mike Emery, Rita Fenoughty, Jane Gillin, Tom Hall, Lesley Montgomery, Geoff Moore, Geoff Moore, Iris Phelps, Edith Ricket, Liz Robertson, Malcolm Robertson, Huw Robson, Tony Rushforth, Ian Russell, Carole Smillie, Lindsay Udell, Frank Wood