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by Michael Kelly

First performance of this play

The Questors Theatre
November 1948

Directed by Eric Voce
Designed by Norman Branson
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal
Sound by Albert Gibbs
Costumes by Diana Kelly, Helen Entwistle (some costumes kindly lent by J Cyril Nairne)



Philip Allen, Roy Ambrose, Eric Batson, Lister Beck, Mary Dean, Alfred Emmet, Peter Bowen-Evans, Frederick Francis, John Hitches, Albert Hooper, John Howard, Keith Hughes, Donald Manning, Ian Massie, Elizabeth Oddie, Barrie Pitt, Shalom Rachman, Eileen Richnell, Denis Robinson, Joan Sawkins, Wilfrid Sharp, Frank White

Production Team:
Gerry Ayles, Norman Branson, Olive Coltman, Mary Dean, Peter Ellis, Helen Entwistle, Peggy Fancett, Albert Gibbs, Audrey Hounslow, Gerry Isenthal, George Jones, Michael Kelly, Diana Kelly, M V Krishnaswamy, Pamela Richards, Denis Robinson, Ted Robinson, Eric Voce