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by Henrick Ibsen, translated by Michael Meyer

The Questors Playhouse
October 1972

Directed by Sydnee Blake
Designed by Carol Metcalfe
Lighting by Ken Lake
Sound by Alan Smith
Costumes by Carol Metcalfe


Rosemary Barragan, Peter Cariss, Robin Duval, Matthew Gothill, Robert Ivan, Jennifer Hales, Betty Ogden, Ken Ratcliffe, Ruth Lister, Jack Walsh

Production Team:
Roy Armstrong, Sydney Blake, Roy Brierley, Hilda Collins, Richard Collins, Susan Crowson, Maud Culhane, Susie Duncan, Linda Farrow, Moira Fitzgerald, Barbara Hutchins, Gerry Isenthal, Peter Kendrick, Sue Kendrick, Eric Kirby, Ken Lake, Carol Metcalfe, Nadine, Gareth Rees, Jackie Smith, Alan Smith, Martin Udall, Jack Walsh, Peter Walton, Clive Webb, Grant Wright