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by Stephen Lowe

The Questors Playhouse
December 1993

Directed by Maggie Wilkinson
Designed by Patricio Corti
Lighting by Martin Stoner
Sound by Nigel Worsley
Costumes by Celia Dowell



Amanda Bernstein, Paul Casey, Kate Davie, Jennifer Forde, Vivien Kerr, Ruth Lister, Jessica Mckeever-gomez, Aoife Murphy, Lisa Roberts, Simon Snashall, Sue Styles, Geoff Webb

Production Team:
Nigel Bamford, Jenny Banner., Kris Collier, Patricio Corte, Kit Curtis-raleigh, Celia Dowell, Jon Fulcher, Maria Gallagher, Tanya Leigh, Collette Maguire,, Jose Prado, Kate Smith, Martin Stoner, Tim Wallace, Jon Webster, Maggie Wilkinson, Nigel Worsley, Linda Zieba