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by Sophocles
translated by H D Kitto

The Questors Playhouse
January 1975

Directed by Spencer Butler
Designed by Sam Burns
Lighting by Ian Howlett
Sound by Alan Smith
Costumes by Mary Anderson



Rosemary Barragan, Helen Blatch, Carol Bolt, Jane Dewey, Lorna Duval , Paul Ekins, Cathie Fraser, Jane Gambell, Jean Harding, Andy Harvey, Stephen Keith, Ruth Lister, Frances Martin, Maggie Mercer, Henry Murray, Margaret Taylor-ogden, Ian Pinkerton, Rosemary Purkis, Judy Radcliffe, John Robb, Betty Rudderham, Peter Sainty, Felicity Schultz, Peg Sweeney, Lennox Thomas, Stella Waraker

Production Team:
Mary Anderson, Phil Atkinson, John Barber, Jean Blackford, Tim Bloomfield, Mary Booker, Spike Bromley, Sam Burns, Spencer Butler, Ivana Cooke, Sue Crowson, Barrie Dobbins, Larry Girling, Remy Hoffman, Ian Howlett, Marisa Joseph, Gina Landor., Richard Lewis, Ray Moore, Peter Sennitt, Sue Sheahan, Phillip Sheahan, Alan Smith, Margaret Teager, Lindsay Udell, Jeanne Walpole, Judith Wilkinson