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The Questors Youth Theatre
by Rachel Knightley, Samantha Wright
and Group 11A

The Questors Playhouse
April 2007

Directed by Rachel Knightley
Designed by Alex Marker
Lighting by Chris Edwards
Sound by Danny Bailey

2007_aftermath prog01.jpg 2007_aftermath prog02.jpg  


Malicka Ahluwalia, Elliot Bentley, Anna Gatley-O'Neill, Will Higginson, Ana Hunt, Cecily Johnson, Paul Kilgarriff, Francesca Madden-Crowe, Sam Murray, Miriam Ospovat-Stockton, Nick Sarbicki, Guyanne Saul, Georgia Wells, Belinda Yonon

Production Team:
Danny Bailey, Martin Choules, Chris Edwards, Allie Hunter, Carol Hunter, Jack Richardson, Peter Salvietto, Michael Smith, lain Stirling, Jennie Yates

The Questors Youth Theatre
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