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Passages from
by James Joyce
freely adapted for the stage by Mary Manning under the title of "The Voice of Shem"

The Questors Theatre
September 1958

Directed by Colette King
Designed by Norman Branson
Lighting by Martin Carr
Sound by Kenneth Colston-Lake
Costumes by Theresa Heffernan



Anthony Barber, Una Chapman, Frank Christian, Gillian Cromar, Dilys Dodd, Alfred Emmet, Auriol Foster, Ned Gethings, Theresa Heffernan, Jo Irvin, Laurence Irvin, Glyn James, Patricia Leventon, David Lorraine, Bernard Mclaughlin, Roy Montgomery, Dorothy Boyd-Taylor

Production Team:
Douglas Arundel, Alan Baker, Lindsay Bouvet, Norman Branson, Neil Carmody, Martin Carr, Trudy Chapman, Paddy Chapman, Hilda Collins, Dorothy Craik, Sylvia Langdon-downe, Theresa Heffernan, Leonora Johnston, Ian Jones, Colette King, Kenneth Colston-lake, Janet Mcmillan, Fred Mynard, Alex Richardson, Jose Roberts, Hilary Sheath, Daphne Williams