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The Questors Youth Theatre
by Dennis Kelly

The Judi Dench Playhouse
March 2015

Directed by Dominique Gerrard
Designed by Alex marker
Lighting by Francois Langton
Sound by Chris Smith
Costumes by Aoife MacElhatton



Cast: Madison Bos, Zendell Crichlow, Tejas Dattani, Jamie Gould, Rory Hobson, Eloise Fraser-hurley, Madeleine Ismael, Aidan Kennedy, Kimberley Mccarthy, James Ogley, Louis Tavare

Production Team: Claudia Carroll, Dominique Gerrard, Peter Gould, Janine Hosegood, Serena Isaac, Francois Langton, Aoife Macelhatton, Alex Marker, Chloe Pressley, Chris Smith

The Questors Youth Theatre
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