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by Alfred Jarry
translated with music by Chris Storer

The Questors Playhouse
September 1999

Directed & Designed by John Horwood
Lighting by Joel Schrire, Andy Carter
Costumes by Bryanne Melville, Antonia Mottola

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Eileen Cahill, Toni Conesa-Ribera, Ben Glanfield, Luc Holmes, Joanne-Louise Joshua, Kieron Kerr, Inam Mirza, Richard Plastow, Natasha Powell, Justin Stahley, Chris Storer, Carys Stout, Simon Sutton, Annabelle Williams.

Richard Plastow

Production Team:
Andy Carter, Helen Carter, James Durie, John Horwood, Debbie Jones, Charles Lucas, Bryanne Melville, Sally Milton, John Mooney, Antonia Mottola, Richard Plastow, Julia Russe, Joel Schrire, Michael Smith, Eddie Toland, Juliet Turner.