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by Michael Kelly

First performance

The Questors Theatre
June 1947

Directed by Eric Voce
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal, Carl Johnson
Sound by Pamela Richards, Barbara Hutchins
Costumes by Joan Pyle



Philip Allen, Lister Beck, Jean Candy, Doreen Coates, Peter Curtis, Ruby Feast, Tom W. Franklin, Alan Fuller, Mike Golding, Rosemary Grant, John Gray, Mary Hills, Barbara Hutchins, Michael Kelly, Alfred Em Met, Denis Nicholls, Elizabeth Oddie, Betty Ogden, Barrie Pitt, Joan Pyle, Rena Rice, Pamela Richards, Denis Robinson, Francis W. Smith, Eric Voce, Frank White, Dick Wood

Production Team:
Doreen Coates, Archie Cowan, Peter Ellis, Mike Golding, Barbara Hutchins, Gerry Isenthal, Carl Johnson, Michael Kelly, Jona Pyle, Pamela Richards, Denis Robinson, Eric Voce