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The Questors Youth Theatre
adapted from Lewis Carroll's novel by Benjamin Till

The Questors Playhouse
March 2011

Directed by Rachel Heyburn
Musical Direction by William Morris
Designed by Alex Marker
Lighting by Nigel Lewis
Sound by Martin Choules
Costumes by Sarah Andrews



James Alexander, James Brennan, Amber Bugler, Tom Cowell, Louisa Dales, Morag Davies, Suneet Dias, Lara Dodd, Conlan Doherty, Oscar Driver, Grace England, Lauriane Flais, Hayley Fletcher, Isabella Fletcher, Ola Forman, Evlyn Forsyth-Muris, Bella Glanville, Balam Gomez, Jamie Gould, Millie Hillman, Tom Hodder, Matthew Hurley, Eve Johnson, Nathaniel Leacock, Holly-May Jordon, Ophelie Mayoux, Jack O'Donnell, Barnaby Russell, Ezra Saifie Sartaj, Miranda Simmons, Talia Smolar-Fourniol, Eppie Taylor-Adams, Cara Waudby-Tolley, Jessica Well

Production Team:
Debbie Abel, Sarah Andrews, Faye Baker, Cassy Becker-Smith, Tessa Byrne, Martin Choules, Sarah Clopet, Mary Davies, Susan Davies, James Deverell, John Feather, Tracey Fletcher, James Gadson, Amelia Gehring, Hunter Gibson, Lee Gibson, Anne Gilmour, Tom Gorrie-Stone, Peter Gould, Sophie Harmon, Ciara Hatton, Elea Hepper, Rachel Heyburn, Tom Hodder, Cecily Johnson, Alex Jorge, Helen Karasiewicz, Nicola Kavanagh, Claudia Kees, Kirsty King, Steve Knight, Georgina Ledwith, Nigel Lewis, Adrian MacDonald, Alex Marker, Ellis McNorthey-Gibbs, Gordon Miller, Katie Money, Andrew Morris, William Morris, Lucy Parker (Ibbison), Natalie Parsons, Mark Redrup, Pam Redrup, Jenny Richardson, Kevin Sebastianpillai, Alison Simmons, Dan Smith, Michael Smith, Pam Smith, Zyg Staniaszek, Ros Storey, Bridgett Strevens, Liorah Tchiprout, Paul Wilson, Annie Youshie

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