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by William Wycherley

The Questors Playhouse
October 1985

Directed by Annie Kimber
Designed by Beth Cowley, Tracey Tomlinson
Lighting and Sound by Alan N Smith
Costumes by Raymond Childe



Sarah Andrews, John Carey, Julia Cooke, Claire Fairley, Steve Fitzpatrick, Gately Freeman, Claire Garrigan, Anne Harries, Phil Lip Clayton-gore, Ruth Lister, Andrew Mackersie, Keith Parry, Vic Pompini, Anne Renn, John Turner

Production Team:
Lucinda Angus, Stephen Archbold, Alan B. Smith, Anna Belej, Jane Blackwell, Christine Brandt, Margaret Bull, Rosalind Bull, Jim Craddock, Sue Crowson, Julia Cruttenden, Evelyn Curry, Mary Davis, Jean Derby, Kerry Drury, Maria Duffy, Robert Duncan, Evelyn Frith, Sarah Godsill, Kath Harrington, Vandra Howard, Paul Jiggins, Diana Kilburn, Brigitta Kroes, Lucy Lacaille, Marguerite Minster, Valerie Palmer, David Palmer, Iris Phelps, Sue Proffitt, Neil Thompson, Lindsay Udell, Sylvia Wall, David Wheatle. Annie Kinber, Beth Cowley, Tracey, Tomlinson, Raymond childe, Alan N Smith