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by John Whiting

The Questors Theatre ("Tin Hut")
31 January - 11 February 1959

Directed by John Holbrook
Designed by Edward Mendelsohn
Lighting by Rick Willis, Phyllis Craddock
Sound by Norman Granger
Costumes by Joan Pyle

Leaflet Programme  
Leaflet.PDF programme.PDF  


Gillian Anstey, Diana Benn, Michael Cromar, Frank Di Rienzo, Stuart Hartley, Gerald Jarome, Bernard Melaughlin, John Vernon, Philip Wright

Production Team:
Bill Collins, Phyllis Craddock, Ivor Dykes, Stuart Hartley, John Holbrook, Ian Jones, Norman McMillan, Edward Mendelsohn, Fred Mynard, Beryl Owen, Joan Pyle, Rena Rice, Jose Roberts, Rick Willitts


"Well, honour is the subject of my story. . ." (Julius Caesar).

This is a play set in familiar surroundings: set in the wake of armed conflict with all its social upheaval and personal stress. This is a familiar canvas.
The characters of this tense drama are perhaps also familiar: General Forster—the dedicated professional soldier who, through a nightmare stroke of fate committed the unpardonable sin of failing to maintain his objective during battle; Dido—the flotsam of war—young, attractive, morally careless, the girl of the amusement arcades on the edge of the city's bright lights; Chancellor Cadmus—keeping a shaky democracy in some sort of order by means of loud speakers in the boulevards and sinister circuses in the courts; and Catherine de Troyes—the wealthy aristocrat—waiting, but waiting in the past, surrounded by the charlatans of the world.