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by John Webster

The Questors Playhouse
November 1980

Directed by Alan Chambers
Designed by Geoffe Moore
Lighting by Les Smith
Costumes by Anna Piet



Patrice Bacon, Lesley Bilton, Phillip Clayton-gore, Scott Cook, Richard Cruse, Roger De Toney, Frank Di Rienzo, Mike Dineen, Michael Godley, Pam Gower, Sylvia Hyson, Richard Lewis, Paul Mangan, Keith Parry, Phil Pinkham, Betty Rudderham, Claire Rudderham, Jane Rudderham, John Stacey, Martin Stoner, Bill Taylor, Jennifer Tudor, Jack Wood, Martin Woodruff

Penny Davis, Anne McAneney, Liz Taig

Production Team:
Alec Atchison, Bron Beckford, Melba Beckford, Andrew Brixley, Alan Chambers, Carina Choy-Warry, Rona Christie, Hilda Collins, Richard Cruse, Joan Curry, Phil Dean, Suzy Gabbay, Richard Guy, John Hadler, Lesley Harris, Grace Lacaille, Diana Lloyd, Geoff Moore, Anna Piet, Phil Pinkham, Sue Richardson, Les Smith, John Stacey, Martin Stoner, Lesley Taylor, Hilary Thompson, Ian Viney, Alan West, Terry Wierzan