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British Première
Miracle at Graceland;
The Radio Ray Fan Club;
The Metamorphosis of Woody Allen
by Dorothy Velasco

The Questors Studio
April 1987

Directed by Andrew Davie, Pat Gowman, Roger Lewis
Designed by Tessa Curtis
Lighting by Nick Pitt
Sound by Paul Willey
Costumes by Brian Moorehouse



(Miracle at Graceland)
Jennifer Foy, Anne Harries, Ceri Jones, Jonathan Plunkett
(The Radio Ray Fan Club)
Ruth Lister, Francis Martin
(The Metamorphosis of Woody Allen)
Alex Bew, Phillip Clayton-Gore, Arthur Garbonzo, Bucy McDonald, Fiona Nicholson, Paul Vincent,

Production Team:
Steve Anderson, Maureen Baxter, Tessa Curtis, Andrew Davie, Maria Duffy, Gabriel Farell, Pat Gowan, Sharon Hunt, Roger Lewis, Andrew Millard, Brian Moorehouse, Hilary Phillpot, Nick Pitt, Angelique Ricca, Paul Willey, Roger Lewis, Wendy Hutchinson