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by Edgar Wallace

The Questors Playhouse
December 1975

Directed by Geoff Webb
Designed by John Stacey
Lighting by Richard Broadhurst
Sound by John Stothart
Costumes by Val Moran



Monique Fare, Dave Goodwin, John Kearns, Christopher H. Lee, Richard Lewis, Michael Loughnan, Tom Pritchard, Colin Pronger, Kenneth Ratcliffe, Greg Sanchez, Con Sheehan, Norah Wade, Graham Williams

Production Team:
Theresa Bell, Gerry Blake, Jane Blakelock, Dennis Blakelock, Richard Broadhurst, Jenny Clare, Richard Cushing, Neil Dobson, Carole Doyle, Norman Dyler, John Hazell, Don Jones, Roger Kelly, Peter Kendrick, Eric Lister, Eve Londner, Val Moran, Andrew Muir, Sue Scott, John Stacey, John Stothart, Jonathan Taylor, Sue Tilsley, Martin Udall, Sylvia Wall, Jack Walsh, Geoff Webb