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by Brandon Thomas
original music by
Barbara Hutchins & Vincent McQueen

The Questors Theatre
March 1961

Directed by Barbara Hutchins
Designed by Nigel Woolner
Lighting by Gerry Isenthal
Sound by Richard Brown
Costumes by Paul Imbusch



Lister Beck, Alan Drake, Sylvia Estop, Awen Griffiths, Barry Hill, Paul Imbusch, Betty Ogden, George Ritchie, Dorothy Boyd-taylor, Philip Wright

Production Team:
Richard Brown, Bill Collins, Dorothy Craik, Pat Digby, Judith Emery, Shirley Hayter, Barbara Hitchins, Paul Imbusch, Gerry Isenthal, Margaret Mackenzie, Vincent Mcqueen, Sylvia Newbery, Rena Rice, Jane Simpson, Jim Watts, David Wedmore, Daphne Williams, Nigel Woolner