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by Peter Whelan

original music by Jonathan Fletcher

The Questors Studio
June 2012

Directed by Peter Field
Designed by Bron Blake
Lighting by Tim Edwards
Sound by Colin Horne
Costumes by Raymond Childe
Photography by Michael Smith



Susie Ankah, Myles Brown, Tom Cantwell, Dan Carroll-Cawley, Daniel Cawtheray, John Fryer, Claire Hardy, Jerome Joseph Kennedy, Tom Kent, Josh Lewis, Dan Martin, Derek Stoddart

Production Team:
Duncan Alldridge, Therese Anderson, Alec Atchison, Bron Blake, Maria Brusa, Toby Burbidge, Raymond Childe, Jean Derby, Tim Edwards, Arthur England, Peter Field, Jonathan Fletcher, John Fryer, Colin Home, Cecily Johnson, Kevin McGovern, Richard Mead, Sue Millhouse, Sue Peckitt, Mel Pereira, Alison Pollard, Jenny Richardson, Valerie Rudd, Peter Salvietto, Penny Seyfert, Alison Simmons, Michael Smith, Pam Smith, Bridgett Strevens, Sylvia Wall, Clare Watson, Jennie Yates, Annie Youshie