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by H Wiers-Jenssen, adapted by John Masefield

The Questors Theatre
November 1934

Directed by Alfred Emmet
Designed by Audrey Perkins



Cast: Hilary Benda, Cyril Box, Margot Brett, Dudley Clark, Agnes Copnall, Lillie Elliott, Clifford Foreman, Betty Gray, Fred E Greenfield, Mildred Hackett, Leonard Hackett, Keith Hall, Iris Hall, Queenie Hanson, John Heron, Phyllis Hutchings, Marjorie Lees, Arthur Peters, Arthur Peters, L Howard Rivers, Barbara Sharp, Evelyn Skelton, Gwen Thomas, Cyril Thomas

Production Team: Alfred Emmet, Audrey Perkins, Mildred Hackett, Roy Bennett