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by Andre Obey
translated by Warren Tute
music by Don Kincaid

The Questors Studio
November 1999

Directed by Pat Gowman
Musical Direction by Don Kincaid
Designed by Jenny Richardson
Lighting by Frank Wood
Sound by Colin Horne
Costumes by Emma Goodwin

Poster Programme
1999_frostmidnt post01.jpg 1999_frostmidnt prog02.jpg


Richard Brown, Ian Buckingham, Alan Chambers, Maurice Gleeson, Anna Macready, Jim O'connor, Antony Quinlan, Kelvin West, Reg Woodley

Production Team:
Alec Atchison, Frances Bailey, Bron Beckford, Chris Bennett, Elizabeth Bisinotto, Antony Bridges, Tom Butler, Valerie Chung, Jim Craddock, Tessa Curtis, Emma Goodwin, Pat Gowman, Tina Harris, Amanda Harvey, Colin Horne, Eric Lister, Laura Mates, Alison Meik, Angela Miller, Marguerite Minster, Jo Perse, Jenny Richardson, Ruth Simpson, Bridgett Strevens, Frank Wood