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by Andre Obey,
English Text by
Arthur Wilmurt

The Questors Theatre
May 1939

Directed by Alfred Emmet
Designed by Philip Allen, Lionel Locke



Philip Allen, Peggy Cooper, Mildred Emmet, Clifford Foreman, Joyce Gapp, Winifred Giles, Rosalie Van Der Gucht, Lionel Locke, Jean Mackrory, Laurie Rivers, Eric Saunders, T S Saunders, Geoffrey Saunders, Barbara Sharp, Cyril Thomas, Judy Vaughan, Frank Wheeler

Production Team:
Philip Allen, George Benn, Roy Bennett, Daphne Clark, Mildred Emmet, Alfred Emmet, Winifred Giles, Fred Greenfield, Lionel Locke, Fred Robinson, Eric Saunders, Geoffrey Saunders