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Hilda Collins, who died recently at the age of 92, joined The Questors with her late husband Bill in 1943, and immediately became involved with the work of the Wardrobe Department. She was one of a small band of largely anonymous workers ("Costumes by the Wardrobe Staff"), who did show after show, producing costumes of the very highest standard. Only perfection would do for Hilda: on one occasion she sat up half the night, labouriously unpicking the machine-stitched hems of three very full skirts,
returning them the next day immaculately and invisibly hand-sewn.

Her last production in overall charge as Wardrobe Mistress was The Ghost Train in 1973, but she continued helping with costumes until well into her eighties and her happy presence was always enjoyed by her fellow workers.

As a small acknowledgement of her unique service, she was elected an Honorary Life member of The Questors in 1974.

A.E.J.E. and B.E.
[QUESTOPICS 300 June 1988]

Hilda Collins at The Questors

1949 Candida
1949 The Little Dry Thorn
1949 Othello
1950 Paradise Street
1950 Shadow and Substance
1950 The Tinsel of Athens
1950 The Winter's Tale
1951 Asmodée
1951 By Further Request
1951 Two Gentlemen of Verona
1952 You Can't Take It with You
1953 Major Barbara
1953 Thieves' Carnival
1954 Jig for a Gypsy
1955 The Three Honourable Gentlemen
1956 Getting Married
1956 Gilgamesh
1956 Sacrifice to The Wind
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1957 Pygmalion
1957 The River Line
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1958 The Long Spoon
1958 The Voice of Shem (Finnegan's Wake)
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1959 The Knight of The Burning Pestle
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1960 Christopher Columbus
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1960 The Tempest
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1961 Sergeant Musgrave's Dance
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1962 Lysistrata
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1963 Antigone
1963 The Fire Raisers
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1964 Dark of The Moon
1964 Hindle Wakes
1964 Sweeney Todd
1965 Let's Get a Divorce
1965 Major Barbara
1966 Arms and the Man
1966 A Night Out
1966 The Other Son

1966 The Red Velvet Goat
1966 Ring Round the Moon
1967 The Beaux' Stratagem
1967 The Flying Dutchman
1968 Edward II
1968 The Laughing Willow
1968 Romeo and Juliet
1968 The Shaughraun
1969 Black Eye'd Susan
1969 The Comedy of Errors
1969 Peer Gynt
1970 The Disorderly Women
1970 The Fall and Redemption of Man
1970 Henry IV Part 2
1971 A Delicate Balance
1971 The Duchess of Malfi
1971 The Italian Girl
1972 Alchemist, The
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