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by George Dibdin Pitt

The Questors Playhouse
December 1964

Directed by Michael Green
Designed by Mary Anderson
Lighting by Brian Lisher


Jeanette Ambrose, Anthony Barber, Philip Bogod, Martin Bowley, Dorothy Boyd Taylor, Alan Chambers, Sylvia Estop, Dennis Estop, Joan Evans, Babs Foster, John Howard, Paul Imbusch, Harry Ives, Tony King, Christine Lowe, Martin Macdonald, Vincent Mcqueen, Betty Ogden, David Pearson, Edward Pitt, Philip Remington, Bill Rudderham, Sheila Sorley, Harold Thornley, Bill Wall, Nigel Woolner, Philip Wright.

Eric Kirby

Production Team:
Jeanette Ambrose, Mary Anderson, Tom Bleasdale, Richard Brown, Tom Brown, Hilda Collins, Thelma Darwent, Pat Digby, Pat Ferriday, Rita Frost, Michael Green, Ruth Howard, Paul Imbusch, Jacqueline Learner, Brian Lisher, Vera mason, Margaret McKenzie, Jo Phelps, Daphne Williams.