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by Iris Murdoch and James Saunders

The Questors Playhouse
September 1971

The Minack Theatre, Cornwall
August 1971

Directed by Jill Champion-Torrance
Designed by Sheila Sorley
Lighting by Peter Kendrick
Sound by Roger Kelly
Costumes by Malle Butler, Hilda Collins

Playhouse Minack


Tom Ballantyne, Caroline Bennett, Barbara Butters, David Crewes, Columba Hoban, Brian Looney, Sheila Tiffany

Production Team:
Bronwyn Beckford, June Billington, Hilary Blake., Doug Brown, Malle Butler, Jill Champion-torrance, Hilda Collins, Mary Common, Carol Demetriou, Judy Emmet, Jackie Harris, Graeme Holford, Roger Kelly, Peter Kendrick, Meriel Lloyd, Peter Mansbridge, Sue Oldham, Andrew Pain, Ted Pearce, Ian Russell, Sheila Sorley, Pat Stock, James Strachan

[Minack] Sylvia Bannister, Elaine Churchill, Adrienne Harris, Dawn Mastin, Denys Nelson, Nora Nelson, Alan Yeates