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by Bernard Shaw

The Questors Playhouse
May 1973

Directed by David Gower
Designed by Spencer Butler
Lighting by David Chamberlain
Sound by Frank Wood



Alan Drake, Peter Holmes, Estelle Longmore, David Lorraine, Bernard Mclaughlin, Colin Pronger, Ted Scrivener, Ruth Tremayne-smith, Sheila Tiffany, Dorothy Wood

Production Team:
Scoular Anderson, Roger Bilbe, Dennis Blakelock, Spencer Butler, David Chamberlain, Jackie Chamberlain, John Clayton, Hilda Collins, Mary Common, Tina Crighton, Geoff Dobson, Tony Earl, Peter Field, Colin Fox, David Gower, Barbara Hutchins, Jacqueline Learner, Susanne Mitreniko, Iris Phelps, Chris Stephens, Norah Wade, Alan Wareing, Carolyn Wareing, Penny Warren, Chris Westhead, Judith Wilkinson, Frank Wood