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by J R Planché

The Questors Playhouse
December 1979

Directed by Alan Chambers
Musical Direction by Eric Kirby
Designed by Norman Barwick
Lighting by Bob Anderson
Sound by Steve knight
Costumes by Raymond Childe



Richard Cowne, Alan Drake, Oenone Grant, Robert Jones, Roger Kelly, Joan Mcqueen, Carol Metcalfe, Anna Piet, Alison Pollard, Ken Ratcliffe, Judy Rose, Martin Rutherford, Ted Scrivener, John Stacey, Martin Stoner, Jennifer Tudor, Bill Wall, Graham Williams

Production Team:
Bob Anderson, Kate Anderson, Alec Atchison, Christina Balit, Norman Barwick, Alan Chambers, Raymond Childe, Hilda Collins, Julie Cruttenden, Joan Curry, Tony Dodd, Rita Fenoughty, John Griffin, Tim Hayward, Danielle Johnson, Roger Kelly, Eric Kirby, Steve Knight, Alison Colston-lake, Pat Larkin, Eric Lister, Geoff Moore, Mark Moran, Andrew Muir, Eve Noakes, Lucy Patten, Anna Piet, Edith Ricket, Bob Ricket, Ian Russell, Janet Smith, Roger Sturm, Lesley Taylor, Hilary Thompson, Geoff Webb