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The Questors Youth Theatre
by Sarah Daniels

The Questors Studio
October 1993

Directed by Joseph Campbell
Musical Direction
by Paul Clark
Designed by John Rolfe
Lighting by Francis Stevenson
Sound by Guy Morrogh
Costumes by Alice Corrigan

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Sarah Conway, Catherine Copenhagen, Marshia Dayes, Michael Dineen, Ben Easton, Kate Gomery, Sarah Hoyle, Marrita Kirkland, Amy Lalla, Alex Marker, James Mealing, Elizabeth Neville, David Phillips, Tony Pilmer, Alice Rowe, Tony Steele, Olivia Thomas

Production Team:
Saritha, James Allison, Vicky Bach, Anita Boniface, Joseph Campbell, Paul Clark, Alice Corrigan, Kiran Dhillon, Robert Duffy, Yapke Englebert, Sarah Fink, James Mealing, Guy Morrogh, John Rolf, Ormsin Sanlorm, Francis Stevenson, Olivia Thomas, Stephen West, Gemma Williams, Louise Wodehouse-Easton

The Questors Youth Theatre
Youth Theatre productions at The Questors